Video game Olympics to be held in Rio

Video game Olympics to be held in Rio

The UK government is supporting an eGames international gaming tournament, which will run alongside the Olympic Games in Rio.

The eGames tournament was announced as part of the London Games Festival, and will feature national teams playing video games for their country.

Each country playing in the tournament will feature an ‘eTeam’ of professional gamers from their respective country.

The eGames tournament will continously feature alongside the Olympic Games and will be held again in Pyeongchang in 2018, and Tokyo in 2020.

Although the introduction of an official international tournament allows gamers to represent their country and compete for medals, the gaming community has been skeptical of the eGames competition due to the lack of incentive.

The tournament will not offer any cash prizes, unlike the various major gaming tournaments such as Dota 2’s International – which boasts the largest prize pool of any gaming competition.

According to the eGames website, Rio’s tournament could feature PC, console and possibly mobile games.

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Video game Olympics to be held in Rio

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