Why these Twitter trolls could cost people their lives

A group of middle-eastern Twitter trolls are using the social platform to report women who are reportedly atheist and/or pro LGBT to the authorities, reports The Daily Beast.

In strict muslim countries such as Kuwait, punishments for such crimes can be as severe as death.

There also appears to be no end in site for the women who are being doxxed, with claims that Twitter is offering no help whatsoever.

“Twitter is absolutely useless. They don’t take this sort of thing seriously,” said a woman who asked to remain anonymous. “I don’t know what the solution is.”

Last year, Twitter’s CEO made reining in abuse a priority for the social network and expanded its safety team to act against accounts that broke the rules.

In February, the company hired a group of experts to launch the Twitter Trust & Safety Council, which would “provide more tools and policies” to “express themselves freely and safely on Twitter.”

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Why these Twitter trolls could cost people their lives

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