Here’s why street lights suddenly turn off when you drive past

Ever been freaked out when driving past a street light and it suddenly switches on or off?

No it’s not Eskom, but rather an unexplained phenomena known as Street Light Interference (SLI).

Depending on who you believe and your level of skepticism, there are a number of causes of SLI:

The Natural

The main “cause” of the phenomena seems to be confirmation bias – people looking for signs that aren’t there.

“Author Massimo Polidoro writing in Skeptical Inquirer has considered claims of SLI to be examples of correlation not implying causation, or of confirmation bias: people are much more likely to notice when a nearby street light turns on or off than they are to notice a light turning on or off at a distance, or a street light in a steady state at any distance.”

There’s is also a strong likelihood the interference is Mechanical.

“If the connection between the lamp and its socket is faulty and gets interrupted for some reason, even for a fraction of a second, the bulb turns off and then it will need a few minutes to turn on again.”

“A contact, especially if already faulty, can be interrupted even by some minor vibration, like a kid kicking the lamp post, a large truck passing in the street, wind rocking the bulb, and so on.”

But not everyone believes that SLI can be so easily explained.

The Supernatural

“The fact that so many witnesses are making claims which seem to involve a Street Light Interference (SLI for short), that they are doing so in apparent good faith, and doing so independently of one another and without awareness, that the effect may constitute a phenomenon in its own right, these circumstances encourage us to proceed on the basis that SLI, whatever its nature, does indeed occur,” says Hilary Evans, researcher and founder of “Project SLIDE”.

One possible supernatural explanation are Energy Fields.

“Eyewitnesses report that the turning off of the lamp happened while they were tired, stressed, furious, or sad. Some others, however, think it might be some kind of static electricity produced by their body.”

While some may quickly point to electromagnetic energy and/or static electricity, the only form of energy known to science produced by the human body comes via food and breathing.

Another possible explanation is The Power of Suggestion – people “willing” something to happen and then it happens.

Whatever the actual cause may be, it can still freaks you out when you do notice it.

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Here’s why street lights suddenly turn off when you drive past

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