How a South African made it to the front page of Steam

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Those of you who turned on your PCs to check the evening Steam update will have been met with an unusual sight.

As the New Releases scrolled in, there appeared what looked to be a raunchy teen sex comedy and the bewildered look of a familiar South African vlogger.

British-born, South African based sensation Caspar Lee is the co-star of “Laid in America” – the story of two immigrants who have one night left to party it up in the USA.

Perhaps more exciting than the local recognition is the unique distribution of Laid in America, which will be skipping a cinematic release solely for digital and DVD copies.

“Our audience is so online and international, it makes sense. It really depends how much money this movie makes,” 22-year-old Caspar explained to the BBC.

The movie currently has a “Positive” rating on Steam, with several comparisons made to teen-classics Superbad and American Pie.

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How a South African made it to the front page of Steam

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