The 10 most popular questions South Africans asked Google this week

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Google South Africa has revealed the top trending searches for the week, which include “How to lose weight fast”, “How to make meatballs”, and “How to create an app”.

Trending searches on Google SA this past week included “Manchester United” with 20,000+ searches on Thursday, as well as “Robert Mugabe”, and “FC Barcelona” with 10,000+ searches each.

“International Women S Day” (sic) trended on Wednesday with 200,000+ searches, as did “Barcelona” with 50,000+ searches.

“Arsenal” trended Tuesday with 50,000+ searches, as did “Orlando Pirates” with 10,000+. On Monday, “WWE Fastlane” and “Bathabile Dlamini” were trending with 10,000+ searches each.

Google processes more than 40,000 search queries worldwide every second. This translates to more than a billion searches per day.

The top trending questions on Google South Africa this past week were:

  1. How to lose weight fast
  2. How to make meatballs
  3. How to create an app
  4. How to delete a Facebook account
  5. What is learnership?
  6. What is public relations?
  7. How many days are there in a year?
  8. What is the weather today?
  9. What is meningitis?
  10. What is marriage?

This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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The 10 most popular questions South Africans asked Google this week

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