Hollywood movie attendance has dropped dramatically

The LA Times has reported that Hollywood is having a bad summer movie season, with the number of tickets sold in the US and Canada slumping to a 25-year low.

Industry players are struggling to explain why movie ticket sales have dropped so dramatically, stated the report.

The feeling is that bad-quality movies and aging franchises with poor reboots are the causes.

Several high-profile movies which failed to deliver in terms of movie ticket sales include The Mummy, Baywatch, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Sequels of well-known franchises which have also performed poorly include Alien, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

High movie ticket prices, increased competition from streaming services like Netflix, and the influence of review site Rotten Tomatoes have also been cited as reasons for the decline.

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  • NetworkGeek

    High Movie prices is my number 1 reason why I do not go out anymore oh and poor quality of movies #JustSaying

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Yeah, movie prices is really becoming ridiculous. Time for that industry to become competitive too.

  • Jamie Thomson

    I agree totally. King Arthur and The Mummy were absolute crap. I wouldn’t have watched them even if you paid me.

    I am looking forward to IT.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Prices are the main reason. I mean it is going to be at least R150 per person with movie and snacks. I rather get the snacks from a grocery store and watch movies at home.

  • ApexPred

    There’s a new Transformers?

  • That Guy Jon

    it is so bad, you will vom if you watch it

  • Wurnman

    Americans are their own downfall as movies are so predictable and same style. Especially the movie trailers are so annoying and the same… that annoying bass sound that drops in volume just before a spectacular action sequence grinds my nuts…

  • Wurnman

    Can’t disagree more both were very entertaining movies. IT you say, it’s not going to be anything different or special it’s a remake.

  • Jamie Thomson

    One could say IT 2017 is a new adaptation of the book.

    Apparently it is going to be a lot closer to the source material than the 1990 miniseries which left a heck of a lot out.


    I agree prices and quality of movies including competition from online services must be having a huge impact, but these issues have been there for a while. Just wondering if the political atmosphere in the US with the majority rising up against the left(which Hollywood falls under) has an impact as well. Remember seeing many comments this year on Youtube videos where people said the hell with Hollywood and lefty actors.

Hollywood movie attendance has dropped dramatically

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