Netflix takes on piracy with Narcos advert


Netflix has taken a firm approach to addressing piracy, with a new advertisement for Narcos in France.

“Do you think we didn’t see you Googling Narcos Season 3 download. Don’t be a fool. Narcos is a business,” said a character in the advert.

If you want the show, you have to pay the Cali Cartel, another continues.

Referencing France’s three strikes law – Hadopi, under which file sharers are issued with warnings before being disconnected from the Internet – the next character states they won’t send you “a nice and polite” letter first.

“We don’t do courtesy letters!”

There will be no please, no por favor, and no si’l vous plaît.

“There’s bullets for you, your family, and all the people you send to watch Narcos on those shitty websites full of pop-ups. You know where to find us, so don’t mess around.”

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  • Kevin Deason

    Stop being stupid, you don’t realise how much business you get from pirated content. You should welcome it and use it to your advantage.

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    I own a Netflix subscription, but this is stupid.

Netflix takes on piracy with Narcos advert

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