Netflix wants to show more local content


Netflix has said it wants to bring South African movies and shows to a global audience through its platform.

“There are great stories to be told here. It’s just the question of finding the right story,” said Yann Lafargue, head of Netflix corporate communications for EMEA.

He said Netflix is not looking for content that will only appeal to a local audience. As with shows like Narcos, they want local stories that may travel globally.

One of the ways Netflix finds such content is through its content acquisition team, which scouts for places where there are good storytellers.

People will also come with near-finished films or episodes for shows, while others will only have a script to pitch – like the Duffer brothers did with Stranger Things.

Regardless of which category creators fall into, Netflix said it is best to get an agent to promote your idea.


It may also happen that a film or series has attracted the attention of TV networks, in which case there will be a bidding war – where the highest bidder usually wins.

Lafargue said he could not promise Netflix will pick up South African content, but now that they are officially in South Africa, he is sure they will receive pitches from local creators.

Netflix is spending billions of dollars on original content, which it said drives subscriber growth and keeps users on the platform.

Lafargue said they also expect to charge South African subscribers in rand soon – within the coming weeks or months.

Netflix has not announced the rand prices.

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  • l0cal User

    Well, thats one way to scare south africans away from netflix. They should check if they dont have a multichoice agent floating amongst their “ideas” people.

  • Smuroh

    Noooooooooo!!!!!! don’t do it, our local stuff is so bad.

  • Hero

    Have you ever considered why it’s bad?

    Perhaps local film makers have no budget because our national broadcaster is corrupt?

    Our film crews are some of the best in the world! If only there was someone to fund local content…besides Kyknet, they are doing a good job.

    Aren’t you tired of everything being either British or American anyway?

  • Smuroh

    Its not actually the quality of the film/ show itself its more along the lines of the scripts and the acting and that completely destroys a good movie/ show for me.

  • Hero

    Fair enough, I’m positive that local content could be good.

    Perhaps we can afford better actors if we’re working with Netflix scale budgets…

  • Smuroh

    The other issue is that anyone that is actually any good with directing/ acting pretty much leaves our shores and i guess that hurts our local industry too.

Netflix wants to show more local content

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