The Amazing Spider-man screenshots swing into action

The Amazing Spider-man has now been unleashed on New York, and critics and gamers alike seem pretty happy that the wall-crawler is back in action.

A bunch of new screenshots show some of Spidey’s more acrobatic and agile moments as he swings through the city and takes on some familiar foes and new baddies.

Like the movie, The Amazing Spider-Man is set to reboot and reinvigorate the Spider-Man name, by returning players to the open-world environment of New York, with free-roaming web-swinging and new Web Rush mechanic, which allows players to freeze time and plot their next move, resulting in quick and fluid traversal throughout the city.

The game will obviously feature some of the web-head’s most infamous enemies, such as Rhino and Iguana, Scorpion and Felicia Hardy.

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The Amazing Spider-man screenshots swing into action

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