Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay videos unveiled

Call of Duty Ghosts 1

Activision has shown off a chunk of Call of Duty: Ghosts during a pre-E3 event, which will be heading to PC, current-, and next-gen consoles. The fotoage is all very much teaser material so it’s difficult to judge the quality of the actual gameplay as Activision has chosen to use the most impressive scripted moments from the game.

One thing is for sure, it’s certainly a visually impressive title and the cinematic flair has it looking more like an explosive action-flick than any other Call of Duty game before it. Looks like getting Stephen Gaghan on board (screenwriter of Syriana and Traffic) has paid off. This is best seen in the third video in the roundup below.

This leaves me wondering how Activision is going to straddle the current- and next-gen consoles, and just what hardware was used to demonstrate the game, because I don’t think Xbox 360 and PS3 will be able to replicate the game in the detail shown here. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The other two videos show off some segments of gameplay. We already knew that things would be happening underwater with intelligent fish, and now we get to see it. Also, a ship explodes.

We also knew there was a combat dog involved because it rather stole the show when Ghosts was initially unveiled, and now we know that dog is called Riley and he’s going to be a main character in the game.

Riley is controlled by the player in some stealth segments. Also on show are some rather impressive albeit scripted large-scale destruction scenes.

What we didn’t get to see, and what wasn’t even mentioned, is the multiplayer element of Ghosts, which I suppose Activision is leaving for the E3 show floor.

So you don’t have to watch the entire 30 minute presentation and suffer through the scripted use of catch-phrases such as “next-gen tech” it’s a good thing that Outside Xbox has cut the gameplay segments for the Internet’s viewing pleasure.

At it’s E3 booth, Activision has set up a super-widescreen (190 degrees field of vision) to show off the game, and below is some of the footage. Watch it in HD if you can.

You can catch the complete presentation over on the Call of Duty All Access website.

Stay tuned to MyGaming for E3 2013 news as it unfolds.

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Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay videos unveiled

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