Microsoft E3 conference in a funny nutshell

E3 Microsoft conference

If you’re too busy to check out all the big announcements from Microsoft’s E3 conference, then VideoGamerTV has put together a little summary of what went on – while injecting some cynicism and hilarious commentary.

While many people have been giving Microsoft a lot of grief since the reveal of the Xbox One, the publisher did reveal a number of titles that pleased fans, including a new Halo, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Metal Gear Solid V, and introduced some new IPs – Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall.

VideoGamerTV is sure to do an “abridged” version of the Sony, EA and Ubisoft conferences, so we’ll deliver those when they’re live.

Check out the video below (block your ears if you don’t like naughty swears):

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Microsoft E3 conference in a funny nutshell

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