Can you spot the Playstation Easter Eggs?

Sony’s E3 2013 press conference went down pretty well with gamers, and while their adverts have always struck a chord (whether bad or good), the new one may just be one of the best.

Sony has released the new Playstation advert, which the company promises is packed with 35 Easter Eggs throughout the 90 second video.

Can you spot them all? If you’ve noticed any, let us know in the comments section below or on the MyGaming forums.

Check out the Playstation ad:

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  • sgs2

    helgast soldier, assassins creed from the pic and probably a bunch of others in the video (which I can’t few thanks to this damn proxy server at work)

  • Glordit

    Some parts of his speech are taken from Philosophers and Einstein. The first part’s area is centered around Tom Clancy’s: The Division. Char looks to be somewhat like one of GTA 5’s characters. Also Watch dog’s main char makes an appearance shortly after. Helghast, Assassins Creed, SW Battlefront, Diablo 3 (Diablo and Witch Doctor), MLB, Battlefield 4, NBA, Wipeout, Gran Turismo 6, Beyond 2 Souls, Destiny… Diving into thos people in the end… UFC Saint Row 4? Thats what I could see from 480p :/

  • I spotted the God of War logo on the left at 0:39 😛

  • CeeZedCee

    The witchdoctor from Diablo 3, I think near the end.

Can you spot the Playstation Easter Eggs?

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