The Forest, a survival horror with Rift support

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Take the building elements from Minecraft, the creepy atmosphere of Slender, the strange appearance of the natives in King Kong (2005), the detailed jungle environments of Far Cry 3, the combat system of Left 4 Dead, and combine it all.

You’ll arrive, roughly, at The Forest, an indie survival horror for the PC platform that promises Oculus Rift support at launch.

The Forest is created by Endnight Games, a Vancouver, Canada-based team of passionate developers who previously were operating under the SKS Games brand. The team includes effects artists who’ve previously worked on recent movies,  Tron Legacy and 300 being two of them.

Your character is an unnamed survivor of a plane crash, who has been marooned in the wilderness and forced to survive while waiting for a rescue. Endnight Games’ Mick Solomon mentioned in an interview with Eurogamer that the game was inspired by classic films “The Descent” and “Cannibal Holocaust”.

The game pits players on their own in a lush forest, tasked with eking a living out of the environment. You need to chop down trees to make firewood and build your safehouse, you need to hunt for food and you need to collect weapons. Come night, you have to survive against an onslaught of what appears to be undead beings. Scary, undead beings.

The Forest recently had a successful Steam Greenlight campaign and an Alpha version of the game is poised to be released in late 2013 with Oculus Rift support as a beta feature.

Source: Survive The Forest, Steam Greenlight, Engadget

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The Forest, a survival horror with Rift support

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