Dying Light gets epic zombie-smashing E3 gameplay trailer

Dying Light

Yes, we know most of you are sick of zombie games, but the E3 gameplay trailer for Dying Light just might bring your love for the genre back from the dead.

Dying Light, scheduled to be released for the PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in February 2015, is a first-person survival horror that features several tools and elements which allow you to fight the undead hordes.

Besides the day/night cycle, which determines the activity levels of the zombies, the game promises parkour-style jumping between buildings and scaling walls with a grapnel; close-up melee and gun-touting ranged combat; and the ability to craft your own weapons from everyday items.

But enough of that – we will let the video do the talking.

Source: Dying Light

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Dying Light gets epic zombie-smashing E3 gameplay trailer

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