Proof that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are making you depressed

A recent study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has found a link between the amount of time people spend on social media and the prevalence of depression.

The study found a direct correlation between the amount of time people spent on social media and the likelihood that they would be depressed.

The average survey participant spent 61 minutes using social media every day. Over 25% of these participants were classified as having “high” indicators of depression.

There were significant and linear associations between social media usage and depression, whether social media was measured based on total time spent or frequency of visits.

“Because social media has become such an integrated component of human interaction, it is important for clinicians interacting with young adults to recognize the balance to be struck in encouraging potential positive use, while redirecting from problematic use,” said Brian A. Primack, M.D., Ph.D., a senior author of the research project, in a statement on the University’s website.

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Proof that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are making you depressed

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