Minecraft: 6 cool mods

Minecraft was one of the indie darlings of 2010, and a phenomenal sleeper hit for the developer Markus ‘Notch’ Persson. Currently in beta, with a multiplayer mode being tested, the game is still drawing in newcomers, and already has a solid community of modders supporting the game.

While vanilla Minecraft is a blast, it never hurts to spruce up a game with a few cool mods. As Minecraft is still in beta, one should bear in mind that it is their responsibility to ensure mods are compatible with the latest updates af Minecraft, and with each other. A great place to check is the Minecraft Wiki. Some mods will also require a mod loader in order to function, so make sure to read the relevant threads to get all the tools needed.

Below, MyGaming has identified six cool mods that will revitalise the Minecraft experience.


The single player experience can be a lonesome one, with nary another human in sight. Humans+ fixes that, adding all sorts of interesting human mobs to the world. Some are good, some are evil – it’s up to the player how to deal with them. Examples include pirates, lost miners, knights, bandits, and elves.


Mo’ Creatures

Just what Minecraft needs; more creatures to kill, and be killed by. The Mo’ Creatures mod introduces a number of interesting nasties to the world, such as werewolves, sharks, bears, lions, and seed eating birds… the horror. Mo’ Creatures is compatible with Humans+ at the time of writing.

Mo’ Creatures

Fancy Pack

FancyPack is a singleplayer mod that offers dozens of new blocks and recipes for decoration and interior design. From furniture and decorations to chains and cages, all the way to roads that actually let you walk faster while traveling on them. FancyPack is designed to offer a more creative, decorative, and artistic approach to creating a home in Minecraft.

Fancy Pack

Zan’s Minimap

Do you always get lost when exploring the world of Minecraft? There’s nothing worse than trying to find your way home in the dark while being chased by a denizen of the night. Zan’s Minimap should solve this problem. Also includes a waypoint marker function so you can plan your expidtions.

Zan’s Minimap

MrMessiahs Minecraft Mods

MrMessiahs Minecraft Mods contain a number of visual tweaks, such as better lighting and improved grass. This mod goes well with HD texture packs. Deciding on which HD texture pack will be up to you; there are plenty out there to choose from. Not much more can be said, best to see it in action.

MrMessiahs Minecraft Mods


You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging without recommending an HD texture pack did you? Soartex adds a bunch of great looking 64×64 textures to the game. There are of course plenty more packs to choose from, and the best place to look is on the consolidated Minecraft Forum thread which lists all the available texture packs.


If you want to find even more awesome mods then the official Minecraft modding forum is probably the best place to start.

What are your favourite Mincecraft mods? << Share on the MyGaming froum.


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    Awesome. I found the article really helpful 🙂 Those mods are great! Keep it up!

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    MrMessiahs lighting mod is now a standard feature in the default Minecraft. Just FYI 😉

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    Can't get enough of this game! It just never stops!

    Over 2Million copies sold now and it's still in beta.

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    I do not know how IndustrialCraft and Buildcraft are not here. Those are the mods you HAVE to play.

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    Finite Liquid, Too Many Items, Single Player Commands, Control Pack… and so on. Add them, please!

Minecraft: 6 cool mods