The confirmed list of South African stores offering Black Friday Deals

While Black Friday has always been an American shopping day, over the years it has grown massively in South Africa.

That’s why we have comprised a list of stores confirmed to be offering Black Friday Deals this week and coming weekend.

We will still have an individual list of gaming and hardware deals, but this should give you a good idea of which stores to check out if you want to take advantage of the sales.

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Check out the full list below:

Checkers – up to 50% off


Sunglass Hut – up to 60% off


Travelstart – Black Friday weekend


Game – Black Friday One Day Only


Dis-chem – Black Friday Sale


HiFi Corp – Ultimate Black Friday


Takealot – Blue Dot Sale


Samsung – Black Friday Deals


Makro – Black Friday Weekend


Clicks – Black Friday Weekend


Digicape – Every Day until 25 November


Hilti – Black Friday/Cyber Monday


OutdoorPhoto – Anything Goes


BidorBuy – Discounts all week


Boardmans – Tick Tock it’s time to shop


Raru – Black Friday Sale


Spree – Black Friday 2016


Rebeltech – Black Friday Sale


Wootware – Black Friday Deals


What Black Friday Deals are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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  • Tosh

    Retail – R1 = Black friday madness sale!

  • Faux Grey


  • ArkhamBean

    Are they also having sales? I aim to build a rig so this weekend might be interesting

  • Hraffnir

    I like how Takealot refers to it as “Blue Dot”.

    I have insider information.. expect 75% mop-head replacements at Takealot. Get your wallet ready guys.

  • Scooby070707

    Spare me….FFS…hike prices 80% then discount them and still pay more then the day before. You will still get people wasting cash thinking they getting a good deal.

  • Viper_ZA

    Raru is also having a sale, how come no mention?

  • Uncle_Beard

    Cos Raru didn’t pay MyBB

  • Shaveen

    Is there a website where we can see all the blackfriday deals on line so that we can compare prices even further?

  • Hraffnir

    Don’t forget, you need to bloat the retail price by 60% first.

    Now we have real black Friday madness here.

  • ice_blade_za

    So glad I don’t have the cash to try to join the madness. Seen a few toys I would part cash for but … nope … perhaps in January when every one is left with stock they want to clear (if Christmas presents don’t break the budget any ways).

  • jo

    I think this is stupid. The American tradition of black Friday has been to heavily discount prices on goods, to empty the shelves, so they have space to fill up on stock for the Christmas specials. Often these discounts range between 40 and 80 percent. South African stores offering 10percent off are not in the spirit of black Friday. At this point, neither are the Americans because they are importing goods, at low prices and low quality, specifically for black Friday.

  • WitWolfy

    Agreed. Our Black Friday deals are laughable.

  • Godzilla

    Last year I bought a few things in Wootware’s and Raru’s Black Friday sale, as well as Makro’s Cyber Monday sale. I was very happy with the deals on offer and I have my wallet fortified for Friday’s onslaught!
    The only thing that has me scratching my head is why Takealot calls it a Blue Dot sale? Don’t they already do this with their daily deals?

  • Godzilla

    Yeah… it has me scratching my head

  • Che Kohler

    What about wechats greenfriday gaming sale?

  • NoVivaAnc

    Good luck to those shopping at Pick ‘n Pay! Hopefully the staff is there and not asleep. Worst public service ever!

  • Maestro

    Not so much about the importing but rather because retailers have systems that are able to forecast accurate shopper demands throughout the year and therefore are rarely overstocked on goods these days.

    The second reason is also because in the modern retail business, retailers sell shelf space and do not own the actual goods itself.

  • TwistedBobbay

    Livecopper is doing black friday as well, just getting that out there

  • SimpleSi

    If I can find a Logitec G29 for less than R5k it will be a deal. Otherwise pushing the price up to R8k the day before and then saying it’s “only R5999” on BF is just a joke.

  • Makinde Glory

    A latest App called Yopa app

The confirmed list of South African stores offering Black Friday Deals

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