Japanese developer explains why his characters are all half-naked

Kenichiro Takaki, one of the producers behind the Senran Kagura games, has explained why his protagonists are often half-naked.

In an interview with Waypoint, Takaki admitted that there was still a lot of taboo surrounding female sexuality in games.

“I’m not afraid of adding sexual content into the games, as I would always love to make games that players have been waiting for,” said Takaki.

“I’m more afraid of running out of inspiration or ideas and not being able to create anything that entertains people. As long as I know what I want to create and there’re fans waiting for my titles, I have no reason to stop making these games.”

Takaki spoke further about the sexuality, saying it adds to the game’s appeal.

“I guess it’s become a style nowadays. People who are not interested in this type of game might think Senran Kagura is just another sexual game, but I’m always very careful of how I implement that element into the game, how I portray the sexual aspects, and how that element should appear in context.”

“I don’t think it’s hard to imitate what I do in terms of costume destruction, but I believe overall, I’ve built up my own sense of balance and style when it comes to in-game sexuality.”

As to whether Western developers will adapt the same mindset, Takaki was hesitant.

“It’s important to make everyone happy, but at the same time, we don’t want to contradict people who are looking for this type of entertainment, and we’d rather be the ones who can provide something entertaining and different.”

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Japanese developer explains why his characters are all half-naked

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