The best place to buy Mass Effect: Andromeda in South Africa

Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the biggest games touching down in 2017, and with the highly-anticipated title arriving next week, we’ve rounded up the best prices for EA and Bioware’s colossal space epic.

The following is for the standard edition of the game.

Mass Effect andromeda box art





Looks like Loot wins this one, with the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 editions of Mass Effect: Andromeda priced at R859 each.

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  • Lupus

    Physical cheaper than digital… Welcome to the fleecing

  • Gerard Matthews

    And the Consoles charge game publishers to have their games on their systems yet PC are now paying the same as them. Absolute rip off!

  • Origin. Get a months sub to EA access then buy Mass effect at 10% cheaper and then sommer as a bonus get to play it on Thursday already. Well at least 10 hours of it.


    Edit: A month Sub is R50.

  • Grid10ck

    As origin is not region locked yet, get a vpn going to a country with a favorable currency and you can get the game for less than R500. Well on pc at least, I’m not sure about console.

  • Thee-Fallen

    Rather buy the game on cdkeys dot com it’s under R 600

  • prodigyX360

    Wow, thanks for this tip – I’ve never thought of that!

  • prodigyX360

    Which country would you suggest? 🙂

  • Grid10ck

    South Korea, the Deluxe Edition is R480 something.

  • Peter Pan

    I was shocked when I saw the digital version. Even BTGames was cheaper than Origin, and they have to consider additional costs when pricing games as they are a brick ‘n mortar establishment! But then, Origin kind of redeemed themselves as I managed to pick up both Battlefield 1 Deluxe edition and Titanfall 2 Deluxe edition for R699 for the pair on the Origin store yesterday!

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Why do you Takealot more money from me?

  • prodigyX360

    Awesome, thanks man

  • ViperGTI

    Yeah, I was gonna suggest this too. Going to buy mine now in case they go out of stock.

  • Wilfred Jurgens

    Holy crap that is pretty damn good deal. Do you need to be connected to the vpn when origin is open or only when you buy it?

  • Quap Mocka

    CDKeys has it the cheapest at R613. Bought mine from there.


    How are they so much cheaper? Ive never used them before.


    I watched a video recently where a guy explains what he thought was the reason for digital versions being the same as store prices. Its all about making sure the stores can sell games. If the digital versions undercut the brick ‘n mortar stores, those stores will be forced to close. The brick ‘n mortar stores are big advertising for games and create hype. Them closing down will also impact sales of hardware as who wants to buy a console without some games to buy as well. “oh right, ill just go home with this nice new console and nothing to play on it right away” That was his thought behind it and it made lots of sense.

    And im so jealous that you got both those games for that price. I dont see that special anywhere.

  • Zewp

    Grey market. They’re not officially authorised resellers and you have no way of knowing where the keys come from. If you decide to buy from sites like that always make sure to use PayPal for extra protection. Never use your credit card directly.

  • Peter Pan

    I just visited the Origin site and saw that the special is no longer there. Pity! Guess it was a 24hr special or something. I was surprised when I saw it though as both of those games are premium titles and not that old in terms of release.

  • Peter Pan

    Agreed. G2A is another “grey market” online key reseller. Truth be told, I get most of my games from them, and so far, “touch wood”, I’ve never had a problem with the keys. I just make sure I choose a reseller that has a commendable selling history.

The best place to buy Mass Effect: Andromeda in South Africa

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