8 video game trailers that still make us emotional today

The Witcher 3 Trailer

We all know that feeling, watching a trailer we have waited for. As we sit and watch the scene in front of us, a little fire ignites inside our soul which reminds us why we love what we play, and why we spend all our hard working money on gaming.

But then we have those timeless trailers that still give us goosebumps no matter how old they are. These are the trailers that still make me emotional today.

Dark Souls III

The Dark Souls series has always been known for its epic soundtrack and unique setting, so when From Software announced the final chapter in the Souls series, they had to go bigger and better than anything they had ever done before.

What we got, in the end was one of the most chilling CG trailers ever created.

With a hair-raising symphonic orchestra in the background, Yhorm the Giant rose from his grave as embers enveloped his body. He screamed and we all died a little inside as his voice touched our darkest parts of our souls.

We knew that we would one day have to fight him, and we were already fearing for our lives.

It is a rare occurrence where a trailer is able to fill you with the fear of god, while at the same time letting off an energy that is able to capture the game and its dark themes. The Dark Souls III trailer did just this.

Dead Island

It is hard not to look back at the original trailer for Dead Island and feel a little sad.

However different the trailer was from the final game, it still made us all feel a little something for that family trapped in that hotel room.

As the trailer played in reverse and we saw the events rewind in front of our eyes, we were immediately drawn into the family’s sad end.

The daughter who they are trying to save, slowly turning into a zombie and turning on them, and the beautiful piano soundtrack that we could not help but turn up.

If anything, Dead Islands success is mainly due to the trailer. It was The Walking Dead meets gaming, and we loved every moment of it.

Assassin’s Creed II

The Assassin’s Creed series has been known for its fantastic historical settings and after the original game, fans of the series could not wait to see where Ubisoft would go next.

Well, they went to Italy during the Renaissance.

The trailer opens to a dark city which slowly leads to a Renaissance fayre. Suddenly the assassin attacks, of whom we have no idea who it is.

An epic chase scene then begins which takes the assassin to the gorgeous rooftops of Venice. The entire trailer is a constant rush that fit the series so well.

After two minutes of the trailer, we could not wait to play the game and explore Italy.

Gears of War

If you have not watched the Mad World trailer, then you have not lived.

Before Gears of War released for the first time on Xbox 360, Microsoft released a rather soul-drenching trailer that took away all the explosions and over-the-top sounds and replaced the with REM’s Mad World.

The trailer was dark and uncomfortable, highlighting the uneasy themes in the game.

Although it is only one minute long, the trailer set the tone for the game, and probably pushed a couple of hundred thousand sales.

Kingdom Hearts III

I know Kingdom Hearts III might not be the best trailer on this list, but it is still one of the trailers that get me worked up every time I watch it.

If you are a follower of the series you would know that we have been waiting a long time for the sequel to Kingdom Hearts II, and the announcement of the sequel was a moment we will never forget.

It starts off by showing clips of all the games to date, and it slowly passing through them all until we see Sora jump into the air and transform into the Sora will see in the game.

Given that the series did not see a new release since the PS2, it was the first time we saw Sora in any sort different engine.

The words “they need me” still linger in the back of my mind today, as I sit and patiently wait for Square Enix to show something new related to Kingdom Hearts III.


“A man has a choice. I chose the impossible”. Those words will forever bring the chills running down my spine, as the Bioshock announcement trailer introduced us to the city of Rapture and it changed the gaming industry forever.

The trailer gave us the introduction to the game’s setting and welcomed us to the world we had never seen before. Where the artist does not fear the censor. Where the great was not constrained by the small. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality.

Those words and the reveal of the infamous Big Daddy and the city under the sea, gave us the feeling that we were in for something so unique, that we were going to remember it forever.

The Witcher 3

Before the Witcher 3 was released the game, got one more trailer which chilled us to the bone.

The cinematic launch trailer was dark and scary, but at the same time, it showed us what we would be getting ourselves into in the game.

The trailer had everything we loved about The Witcher 3. Potions, Geralt, a hunt, nudity. Did I mention it had Geralt?

Considering the reviews for the game released before this trailer, it just went to show how much love CD Projekt RED had for the game that they worked on this trailer as an added piece of content.

Fallout 3

Bethesda really knows how to put on a show, and at E3 2008 they announced Fallout 3 in the most stylish teaser trailer to date.

The trailer opened with a classic tune coming out of a broken radio, and as ” I Don’t Want To Set the World on Fire” played, the camera zoomed out on a post-apocalyptic Washington DC.

The words “war, war never changes” closed the trailer after getting a sneak peek of a Brotherhood of Steel member.

All the moments in the trailer planted the seeds as our brains slowly processed the environment and what in the world we could be doing in the game.

What trailers just get you all worked up? Let us know in the comments and forum

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8 video game trailers that still make us emotional today

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