Five massive gaming reveals we hope to see at E3 2017

E3 2017 is less than a month away and with all the excitement surrounding the expo, come new rumours and reports of games and hardware. Could we finally see a Borderlands 3 announcement and a new possible hardware tease from Sony?

What is Microsoft re-announces Scalebound? Although it could be wishful thinking, it could also be true.

Here are my top five E3 announcements I so want to happen.

Borderlands 3

It has been five years since the release of Borderlands 2, and we need more. Sure the Handsome Collection was a stellar package that included the awesome Borderlands 2 along with every DLC ever released, and the Pre-Sequel, if you care about that at all, but Borderlands 3 has to be on the horizon.

We know that the studio is currently working on the game as it was last seen during a tech demo where Gearbox Studios showed off some in-engine footage of the game. In the tech demo, we got a glimpse of how the shaders and textures will look in the game by making use of some new fancy tech.  Still, there was no official announcement to the game’s overall development.

E3 2017 could mark the official announcement of the game, and it would a pretty exciting thing. Gearbox could show off the title in the best way possible, and the only way we know how, with an over-the-top trailer.

Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne is a masterpiece, and a game all PS4 owners should play, so the idea of a sequel should be a no-brainer for From Software. Now obviously it would not be an anticipated reveal if there was no proof to back it up.

We last saw Bloodborne 2 appear in an E3 schedule, where the game was on the list with the likes of a new Resistance, the upcoming Spiderman, and more. While this could have been fake, Sony immediately sent a cease-and-desist order to the NeoGaff post which triggered them to remove it.

If Bloodborne 2 is indeed in development, then it could make its debut at E3 2017.

It is also important to note that From Software have wrapped up the Souls series with the last DLC that landed in March, which means they are not working on anything we know about. Their production schedule shows that the studio could be working on something. We will have to wait and see.

Bloodborne II

PlayStation 5

We know that E3 2017 will be the Xbox Scorpio’s time to shine, but according to recent rumours, Sony might be announcing the hardware successor to the PS4.

An industry insider who correctly predicted the PS4 and PS4 Pro has stated that Sony will be releasing the PS5 in 2018, with a possible reveal taking place this year sometime.

This could mean E3, Gamescom, and let us not forget the annual PlayStation Experience that takes place in December.

If Sony were smart and wanted to steal the light away from Microsoft and their Scorpio, the company will most definitely announce or tease the PS5 at E3 2017.

The successor would also mean that Sony is ready to move into the new generation, while Microsoft releases the Scorpio as an upgrade to their Xbox One.


Scalebound lives again

If you have been hiding under a rock, you would have missed out on the exciting year for Scalebound.

In January Microsoft announced that the are canning the game that went onto being one of their most anticipated titles of the year.

Well, the sad story is that Platinum Games, the masterminds behind Bayonetta, were working on the project, and there was no reason to doubt the awesomeness of the title.

Well, in the past few weeks Scalebound has around again as Microsoft recently renewed the trademark to the game.

Why would they do this if the game was cancelled you ask? Well, it could be that they are protecting the name in case another studio “cough cough Sony” want to bank on their title, or it could be that they are indeed working on the game once again.

E3 2017 could see a re-reveal of the game in some way, be it with Platinum Games or not. If this is the case, it could mean that players have something new to look forward to in the abysmal Xbox exclusive lineup. Perhaps it could be an Xbox Scorpio launch title?


Pokemon on Switch

The Nintendo Switch could be the next home for Pokemon. Yes, according to a job listing posted in early April, Game Freak were hiring a developer to work on a Switch title that is popular on a “global scale”.

If you don’t know, Game Freak are the developers behind all the Pokemon games on 3DS and DS. This could mean that the developer, whoever gets that dream job, would be working on a new Nintendo Switch Pokemon title.

What this title is could be anything really. It could be a new Pokemon Coliseum, a new Mystery Dungeon (please no), or even a new Pokemon game which would be the successor to Sun and Moon.

All I hope is that Nintendo does announce this at E3 this year, as it would mean that the Switch is indeed the new home for the series, and it will further improve the Switch’s state in the industry, although it is doing very well.


What do you hope happens at E3 2017? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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  • Martin Sibara

    Playstation 5? really?
    I still don’t have the Ps4 yet. I think its way too soon. I.M.O

  • Piet Pompies

    What about Red Dead Redemption 2 and Last of Us Part 2? I know Last of Us Part 2 is unlikely but we can hope.

  • Aeroleia

    Pokemon and Metroid for the Switch!

  • AJ Abu-Hala

    Rockstar doesn’t go to e3 anymore.

  • Gutterboy

    They are moving into the Smartphone market. New PlayStation every year.

  • Peter Pan

    I actually forgot all about the Borderlands tech demo. I remember it now. We might just see a release date during e3. PS5….will kind of suck if one is released. It just seems way too soon for a new console, but I have also been reading the rumours of a potential PS5. Hopefully if it is announced, it will be for release in at least 2019. I want to get a bit more life out of my PS4.

  • R1ckyR00ny

    Y PS5, WHY NOT PS MOBILE ?!? WTF ?!? My frustration is boundless.

  • Martin Sibara

    I wouldn’t have so much of a problem if they had backwards compatibility.

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Borderlands 3,no thank you.

  • hein von brandis

    I’m still stuck at PS2

  • datdude

    I would hate to see a PS5 reveal. When the “next generation” hits, I would prefer it to be a significant step forward from ps4 and 360, and I just don’t think we’re there yet. Scorpio is a half step for me…it’s still using jaguar cpu, and it won’t be doing [email protected] for all games, particularly big AAA titles.

    I would prefer a ps5 in 2019, even 2020, when a real significant step forward would be possible at a price that wouldn’t make it unattainable for the vast majority of gamers. Personally I highly doubt any ps5 reveal anytime soon. If that happens, what was the point of developing and releasing the ps4 pro just last fall? It would make that decision to develop that console a complete waste of time, money, and would erode consumer trust in the playstation brand overall, particularly those who spent money on the ps4 pro.

  • datdude

    You’re missing some killer exclusive titles on ps4 this gen. If you don’t mind my asking, what do you game on at the moment?

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Yeah no way will ps5 release next year as it would be pointless to do so while it’s doing so well. I’d say 2020 at the earliest and even then it’s not needed if they keep doing these upgrades every 2 years which I’d much prefer.

  • Martin Sibara

    Mainly pc and then ps3.

  • Martin Sibara

    Hot dam.
    What are you gaming there on the ps2?
    Black, Burnout, Final Fantasy?

  • hein von brandis

    The console ’tis broken, I’ve fixed it a few times before, but at the moment I can’t find any more spare disc readers, haven’t gotten round to installing pcsx2 on my better computer.
    SW TFU, Final Fantasy, Star Wars Battlefront, (borrowed NSF Carbon, Killzone and Star Wars Battlefront 2 to a school friend 5 years ago, he moved out of town the next week), Ratchet and Clank, Warhammer 40K Fire Warrior.

Five massive gaming reveals we hope to see at E3 2017

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