The cryptocurrency miners who earn over R100,000 per day

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Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, according to market capitalisation, and can be mined using consumer graphics cards.

This has lead to many cryptocurrency enthusiasts building PCs with multiple graphics cards to mine Ethereum.

Depending on the size of your rig, mining Ethereum can be lucrative – particularly once you have paid off your hardware, and taken electricity and cooling costs into account.

Pools and Workers

Most miners don’t mine alone, however, as it is usually more efficient to mine to a “pool”.

Pools allow miners to share their hashing power, working together to confirm blocks and share block rewards – based on the amount of mining power contributed.

When you set up an Ethereum mining rig, you can designate a pool for it to mine to and a destination wallet address.

The pool reads your mining rig as a single worker and monitors your hash rate and mining income, paying out your earned Ethereum to your wallet at set intervals.

If you have invested in multiple mining rigs and they are all mining to the same wallet address, the pool registers them as different workers, but adds their mining power together.

Certain Ethereum mining pools list the top-performing miners according to their hash rates, along with their predicted and past earnings.

We looked at how much the top miners on the ethermine and nanopoolEthereum mining pools earn in one day – as detailed below.


It must be noted that a mining address does not necessarily refer to an individual person, and could comprise of multiple people mining to the same address.

Estimated earnings per day are calculated based on average block time, average difficulty, difficulty change tendency, and the average hash rate of the miner.

Earnings are shown in Ethereum per day, which were converted to rand using the price of Ethereum on 7 September.

The hash rates, pools, number of workers, and estimated earnings per day of the top miners are shown below.

Miner Address: 0xb9e33a4a1dba378925b7f20d21b5ab2d78ad58f0

  • Pool – nanopool
  • Hash rate – 239.0GH/s
  • Workers – 1,945
  • Estimated earnings per day – R156,841

Miner Address: 0x14ec61d3c6745807b03c3164d647e1aea4c88f14

  • Pool – nanopool
  • Hash rate – 233.8GH/s
  • Workers – 1,859
  • Estimated earnings per day – R155,266

Miner Address: 0x8aec081e391d275dc0fb8e4697fc252359d353f8

  • Pool – ethermine
  • Hash rate – 154.3GH/s
  • Workers – 8
  • Estimated earnings per day – R95,357

Miner Address: 0xa65f825e4f82c26aee244512cba7add256bc0788

  • Pool – ethermine
  • Hash rate – 113.0GH/s
  • Workers – 1,265
  • Estimated earnings per day – R82,030

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  • 154.3GH/s with 8 workers? o_O

  • Lucien Pierce

    Yeah. Still trying to work that one out… wonder what cards they have running

  • Paul Weitsz

    im new to all this….how do i start it and would it be profitable?

  • Xyphon

    Remember a server “cluster” could be setup with multiple physical machines acting as one. This would pick up as a single worker.

  • ZenoDiac

    Google “NiceHash” -> go to the website, make an account. The account gives you a Bitcoin address. Download the NiceHash program onto windows. Open it, paste your address inside -> Start mining. It will deposit what you have mined every day at 12 o’clock noon. Is it profitable? Only if you have multiple gpu cards really. It takes about R21 (electricity) to run an average gaming pc per day. A gtx 1080 gives you R30-R35/per day. Everything under 1070’s give less. Obviously, this is for non-hardcore miners.There’s a lot more to say.

  • Jaco Bezuidenhout

    Paul, truthfully, this is getting seriously controversial. You need a LOT of money invested to build a decent rig and you need a lot of rigs clustered to make profit.
    worker = a rig (a motherboard and power supply and lets say 4 GPUs).
    The top on the list has got 1945 rigs @ lets say roughly R30000 per rig. That is a clustered rig of over R55million.
    They coin R157000 per day.
    It will take 355 days(1 year) to pay off the equipment.

    The problem is “they” (whoever that is) can make the encription little bit more difficult/complex and these machines takes longer to mine and you get less profit.

    Personally, I think it is a waste.

  • Jaco Bezuidenhout

    It might be IBM Power 8 servers with Nvidia GPUs in the CAPI slots.
    It is enterprise servers the public don’t know about.
    …but I doubt.

The cryptocurrency miners who earn over R100,000 per day

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