Twisted Metal review roundup

I really hate it when developers release a sequel without indicating in the title that the game is a sequel, or a reboot for that manner. Case in point, Eat Sleep Play’s long awaited sequel to the original PS vehicle combat game, Twisted Metal. The original game was released back in 1995, and now David Jaffe has released what is essentially a reboot with the same name. /end_rant

Twisted Metal is already available in the US, exclusively on PS3. PAL regions (that’s us!) will have to wait until mid-March to get a taste of the action. In the meantime the US games press is all over Twisted Metal, and so far most publications are liking it. The game has settled on a comforatable 80/100 Metacritic score, earning critical acclaim from the likes of IGN, Game Informer and Gamespot.

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

User reviews have also been overwhelmingly positive, with a user review aggregate of 8.7/10, and 47 out of 48 user reviews being positive about the game.

Here is what the international gaming media has had to say about Twisted Metal:

IGN 9/10

Like its predecessor from more than 15 years ago, Twisted Metal celebrates an eccentric kind of action that shoves fun down the collective throat of the gaming masses. It includes an enjoyable, challenging single-player campaign and incredible multiplayer support for both on and offline. Twisted Metal only falters when it comes to its storytelling and an occasionally stubborn lock-on system.  Read more

Game Informer 8.5/10

When Twisted Metal embraces the series traditions, it delivers the best action ever seen in the franchise. When it departs from convention, however, it becomes a hit or miss affair. Read more

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

Game Trailers 8.1/10

Like an old muscle car, Twisted Metal can be a bit rough around the edges, but once you get the engine warmed up, you can get a lot out of it. The more you invest, the more it gives, providing a fulfilling sense of mayhem whether you’re playing online or with friends at home. Read more

Gamespot 8/10

Twisted Metal’s lightning-fast vehicular combat and large-scale destruction are gleeful, pulse-pounding fun. Read more

Joystiq 3.5/5

The constant struggle of trying to take out enemies and keep your own rig in check is as entertaining today as it was when it was first introduced back in the mid ’90s. I just wish there wasn’t so much muck to wade through before I got to Twisted Metal’s gooey, rocket-blasted center. Read more

Destructoid 7/10

It saddens me that the campaign is so miserable, as its live-action story cutscenes and stylish, twist-in-the-tale storytelling are both fantastic. Read more

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

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Twisted Metal review roundup

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