Diablo III beta codes up for grabs

Diablo III has been a long time coming, but a few lucky lost souls have been participating in the public beta for many months now, getting their demon-slaying fix.

Are you jealous? Now’s your chance to get in on the Diablo III beta action – Megarom Interactive has stepped up to offer a chest-load of Diablo III beta keys to the local gaming community.

There are a total of 450 Diablo III beta keys available, and these will be awarded on a weekly basis – starting 20 February 2012, and ending 19 March 2012.

Below is the entry form –fill in your details and Megarom will get back to you if you are one of the lucky winners.

What are you waiting for? The Skeleton King doesn’t send himself back to hell!

Diablo III beta access entry form


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  • I are warrior!! GWAAAWRRR!

  • Karmaa

    heres holding fingers and toes

  • JaundiceBunny

    Finally RSA gets a chance for the beta!!! I’ve been following this game’s development since 2008!! I will definitely play the beta if I win, BUT the other half of me want to start the retail game fresh from the beginning and experience the D3 experience without knowing that first 1/3 of Act 1.

    The beta has been busy for almost 6 months now and the retail will most likely get out in 2/3 months, so playing the beta for that 2/3 months will be epic! Ironic enough, I bought BF3 this weekend and have only played it for almost 8 hours. So if I win this contest my studies will go down the toilet!!

    At least I’ll be able to say that I was one of the South Africans that got to play the beta of the best game to-be!

  • LJ

    How will you guys stop all the internationals grabbing all the keys in 5 minutes? 🙁

  • St3baS

    mmmmmm tasty beta goodness!

  • South Africa gets a chance at the Beta. YES !!!!

Diablo III beta codes up for grabs

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