Are these the top 10 best MMORPGs out?

We’re all for lists here at MyGaming. The key is not to take them too seriously.

You see, part of the beauty of video games, like any other form of entertainment, is that our enjoyment of them is largely subjective. When I was a teenager I remember how personally affronted I felt when I read that my favourite PC gaming rag, PC Format, had awarded Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines a measly seventy-something out of 100. Fortunately, I’ve learned since then not to take review scores too seriously.

Still, it’s fun to make lists, and it’s also fun to make lists based on review scores. Today, I present you with a list of the top ten rated MMORPGs, according to Metacritic score.

1.    World of Warcraft – 93/100

Launched in November 2004, not only is it the biggest, but according to Metacritic, it’s also the best MMORPG released to date.

WoW Cataclys

WoW Cataclysm

2.    Guild Wars – 89/100

This subscription-free, once-off purchase MMO has been going strong since 2005. More importantly, Guild Wars 2 is out later this year and it’s looking good.

Guild Wars

Guild Wars

3.    Dark Age of Camelot – 88/100

Who’d have thought Mythic’s 11 year old free-to-play MMORPG would be Metacritic’s third highest-rated MMORPG? Ten Ton Hammer also called Dark Age of Camelot the best PvP game of the decade.

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot


4.    DC Universe Online – 88/100

Sony’s 2011 super hero-themed MMORPG has the distinction of being the best available on console, according to Metacritic.

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

5.    Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar – 86/100

When it came out in 2007, many called it Lord of the Rings themed WoW. We’re totally fine with that.

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online

6.    City of Heroes – 85/100

Another super-hero themed MMO, Cryptic’s City of Heroes has an interesting business model. Launched in April 2004, the monthly subscriptions were done away with in June 2011, and a free gameplay model was introduced. Subscribers get access to all content in future updates whereas free player get only a portion of it.

City of Heroes

City of Heroes

7.    Star Wars the Old republic – 85/100

EA, LucasArts and BioWare‘s budget-crushing 2012 MMORPG juggernaut comes in at a respectable 7th place.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic

8.    Final Fantasy XI – 85/100

First released in May 2002 for PlayStation 2, over the years it worked its way onto Windows PCs and PS2 across the regions of the world, and in April 2006 was introduced to Xbox 360 worldwide. It bears the distinction of being the first MMO on PS2, the first cross-platform MMORPG, and the first console game to ever to receive a downloadable patch. A PS Vita version is rumoured to be in the works.

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI

9.   Rift – 84/100

Launched in March 2011, Rift is one of the most celebrated MMOs of recent times, praised for introducing some innovations to the MMO playing field.



10.    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures – 80/100

Funcom’s now free-to-play MMORPG sneaks in with a respectable 80/100. At the time of its launch the game was plagued with bugs and a lack of end-game content. Funcom promises it’s better now, and you can play it for free.

Age of Conan

Age of Conan

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  • Michael Gant


  • Kromaswow

    Good thing the title said MMORPG and not MMOG. Would have complained about eve not being on the list.

  • Fail list.

    Seriously, no DDO (From the makers of Lotro). Having capped plenty of Guild Wars toons I would put DDO at #2 (well I would put it at 1 but I dare not challenge 10million WoW players) and push the list down.

  • Timmy Smith

    Nic, shouldnt it read “favourite PC gaming mag, PC Format” instead of rag 😛

  • Strawberry

    “Rag” is used colloquially to refer to a magazine or newspaper. It is often derogatory.

  • I think they just went on the MetaCritic scores alone and not popular opinion etc.

    Also Guild Wars shouldn’t be on the list because it wasn’t an MMORPG it was an RPG with Online elements. Don’t get me wrong Guild Wars was EPIC and still is. Beats WOW any day of the week imho.

  • Yep, the list is based purely on Metacritic scores, and Eve’s is actually surprisingly low.

    Also, I used the term “rag” affectionately 🙂

  • Hmmm, I didn’t spend much time in Guild Wars, but always thought of it as an MMORPG.

    But you may have a decent point though.

    However, I think there would have been significant disagreement from readers had I left out Guild Wars on the basis of it not being an MMO.

  • Yep agreed, I would’ve been one of them >.<

  • SoulCollector is correct. I have a few lvl20 toons in GW (started in 2006) and although GW may refer to itself as an MMO, the ‘Massively’ part may refer only to outpost “lobbies”. The rest of the game is instanced “co-op” at best.

    Still an amazing game with features which a great number of subscription based MMO’s can learn from. e.g. Mercenaries … allowing you to group up with your alts that you created instead of using normal NPC’s.

  • I’ve played GW, Aion, WoW, Lotro, Eve (ok 1 day doesn’t really count), Rift, SWTOR and City of Heroes.

    If score was based on community courtesy I’d have to rate LOTRO 1st, GW 2nd, then it becomes debatable.

    @OP, where does Aion slot into these rankings?

  • Kevcormier

    It takes more power to make it all work.

  • Llewellyn Crossley

    It’s so that the games can reach a wider audience. That and the fact that it is running a lot of data over the net, the games need to make sure that they will still run satisfactory over the net and not lag a computer to a halt. Imagine if you had to play an MMO where network LAG is already frustrating, only to have more gameplay lag because the graphics are too much.

    Anyway. That’s just what I think.

  • Llewellyn Crossley

    I would have had EVEonline in there somewhere. However, I am guessing this was based solely on metacritic ratings? I know their ratings for Eve aren’t fantastic.

  • The_Original_Rich

    Agree with you Llew. Although that said, in WoW I normally suffer almost no lag but last night I tried to do the Fall of Deathwing Raid for the first time and somehow lagged at over 6000ms! It was like watching water drip though a tap with the way the action on screen was playing out hehe. Basically my point is that even despite the sub-par graphics of most games, even then, you can still have lag. But you are absolutely correct, especially with regards to the graphics being sub-optimal in order to reach a wider audience.
    Tl;dr: Because not everyone can afford a beast of a pc like we can.

  • Indeed, we bow before the mighty critical objectivity of 😛

  • Hey dude 🙂

    Aion’s Metacritic score is 76/100, so it didn’t cut the mustard.

  • At least it didn’t cut the cheese. ^_^

  • Go check out Guild Wars 2 that should satisfy your eye candy needs!

  • There’s no way DDO rates higher then these games or LotrO. As much as it is, as an MMO it’s just not what these other games offer.

  • Are you a console fanboi ?, Just curious

Are these the top 10 best MMORPGs out?

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