Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 review round-up

EA Sports’ PGA Tour golf series has seen a certain amount of innovation over recent releases, primarily thanks to the implementation of motion controls within the industry.

To be fair, Tiger Woods has lost a momentum due to his personal life spinning off-course, but the gesture-based Kinect and Move support has been a complementary addition for the long-running golfing sim.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 has just released, and the Xbox 360 version of the game is currently holding a 79/100 on Metcrtic and 81.20% on GameRankings. Looks as if the new Kinect features are a welcomed addition to the series.

Currently there aren’t enough PS3 reviews out, so it’s not clear how the PS Move features stack up against the Kinect.

Gaming Nexus 9.1/10 (A-)

“EA Tiburon did a great job in bringing Tiger Woods into the home as not just a golfer, but as a member of their own family with his Legacy mode. The Kinect makes this title that much better. There are some minor issues with the new swing mechanics that increase the difficulty perhaps a bit too much, but once you get past those, you’ll find that Tiger 13 is just another solid title.” Read full review.

EGM 9/10

“The developers have seriously enhanced Tiger Woods PGA Tour, refining the gameplay, enhancing social features, and even affecting the way the game’s extras are unlocked. They’ve delivered a complete package that offers golf fans the most refined, deepest-and, most importantly, fun-golf experience in years.” Read full review.

UGO 8.3/10 (B+)

“Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 prevents the series from getting long in the tooth by introducing some great new mechanics and modes. I enjoyed my time reviewing the game and for the first time in years, found myself incredibly excited swing in and swing out.” Read full review.

Despite the decent score; some reviewers are seemingly struggling to find justification for some of the series’ new features and motion controls.

GameInformer 8/10

“This is EA Sports’ first use of Kinect, and it shows. The peripheral doesn’t come close to replicating your backswing with fidelity, and it lacks fluidity and accuracy. The PS3 Move functionality fares only slightly better, but the hiccups in the backswing animation are annoying when you’re trying to gauge how much power to use during putting.” Read full review.

Gamesradar 7/10

“Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 improves on numerous areas from last year’s game, but they’re small, almost inconsequential-feeling areas. Honestly, if you don’t play online, don’t own and love Kinect, and don’t care about reliving Tiger Wood’s first hole in one, it’s hard to emphatically recommend PGA Tour 13.” Read full review.

IGN 6.5/10

“The meaningful new controls enable players to feel great about their skill while holding them accountable for their faults. Beyond that, Tiger 13 struggles to succeed. Its most substantial new mode, Tiger Legacy Challenge, is a dull waste, and making the most of the in-game economy is difficult without hardcore dedication to an online Country Club.” Read full review. 

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 review round-up

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