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Warp is worth taking notice of. Developed by Trapdoor games, who were also involved with Polytron’s FEZ, Warp is centered around quick, fun and (literally) explosive gameplay.

The game revolves around a little yellow character named Zero – after being captured by scientists, Zero has to find his way out of a facility through a labyrinth of labs by using his unique teleporting ability.

Players can warp through doors and objects, and even warp inside enemies to make them explode. The game relies heavily on problem solving and puzzles using the teleport ability, much like ‘Splosion Man did with the exploding power, in order to proceed past dynamic obstacles.

Players need to navigate Zero by teleporting (known as warping, hence the title) through difficult situations that often require a certain amount of stealth. If Zero warps into open space, he is penalised for a short time period before being able to warp again, but if Zero warps into an object, he can immediately jump into another one, or person.

Zero is not just up against lab scientists, as he has to deal with armed guards and security turrets, each posing their own threat.

The elements of sound and sight also play a strong role within the game, as Zero’s small size allows him to hide behind certain objects in the game, while noise from footsteps or bumping objects can alert guards, who will investigate the area and seek you out for a little bit of a Metal Gear Solid moment.

Upgrades are also thrown into the mix, allowing Zero to learn new abilities. Echo creates a decoy hologram of Zero, Swap allows Zero to trade places with an object, and Velocity, which lets the little yellow hero raise objects which are unaffected by gravity for a short period of time. All these abilities need to be combined in order to solve the puzzles at hand.

Most gamers would think a small indie game would not impress visually, but Warp is running on the Unreal 3 Engine and looks gorgeous in all it’s stylised and colourful warping goodness.

Reception for Warp has been relatively positive with IGN and Edge awarding the game with an 8/10 and 8.5/10 respectively.

Warp is available for download now from the Playstation Network, Xbox Live arcade and for Microsoft Windows.

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Indie Focus: Warp

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