Games you can play this week

Another April weekend means we’ve just come off of another long weekend – and with yet another public holiday hitting us in the face tomorrow, no one knows what’s going on anymore (though that could be the remnants of the weekend’s festivities).

Even though pickings are light, even this much shorter week offers some gaming joy. If you choose not to get down with some gaming this week, at least you can still drive around Gauteng without filing for bankruptcy because of e-tolls.

Sniper Elite V2 (PC/PS3/Xbox 360)

Some games go too far. While some may argue that focusing an entire DLC to tracking down Adolf Hitler and putting him in your crosshairs is in poor taste (because shooting nameless people is obviously better) – Sniper Elite V2 pushes the levels of taste in another way.

Sniper Elite V2 promises to bring more tactical shooting, filled with stealth kills and sniping action, complete with co-op multiplayer and the newly added ‘X-ray Kill Cam’, which shows every organ-piercing and bone-splitting bullet as it tears through enemy flesh.

That includes a grotesque slow-motion showing of exploding love-plums which will make any male cringe, cower and appreciate life more than ever.

You can get fantesticle mayhem going on this Friday, 4 May 2012.

MyGaming editorial policy dictates we cannot show exploding testicles

Mortal Kombat (PSVita)

Remember that shiny PS Vita that you got? That’s been sitting around for the past couple of months because you eventually got bored of the glorified tech-demo launch line-up?

Well hold onto your vital organs, because a formidable challenger is about to land in the form of Mortal Kombat.

The Vita port comes with some handy (lol) features, like touchscreen-enabled fatalities; an “all new” Challenge Tower mode, with a rather large 150 Vita-exclusive missions; all the DLC characters from the big-brother versions of the game; and the smug satisfaction that, months after its launch, the PS Vita finally has something awesome to offer.

Mortal Kombat Vita is punching through your spine on 4 May 2012.

mortal kombat

No one likes Johnny Cage.

Here are the other games hitting retail this week

Back To The Future
Risen 2: Dark Waters
Sniper Elite V2

Back To The Future
Sniper Elite V2

Mortal Kombat

Sniper Elite V2

Back To The Future

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Games you can play this week

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