Top 5 cancelled games that should be made

With news that an Avengers game was being made before the project kicked the bucket, it got us thinking: what other cancelled games looked promising?

Whether it be financial troubles, creative differences or just a problematic development cycle, it’s always a sad thing to hear of a game being shelved. So in memory of those fallen heroes and heroines who never made it to our screens, here’s the top 5 cancelled games that should be made:

Indiana Jones (2007) (360/PS3)

Indy has had a fairly solid track record in games. His old point-and-click adventures, such as Fate of Atlantis, are still fan-favourites to this day; then when a current-gen Indy game went in the trash, it all came as a bit of a surprise.

Originally set to release on Xbox 360 and PS3, the LucasArts developed game was going to be the premier showing of the NaturalMotion Euphoria engine. Unfortunately, LucasArts began prioritising The Force Unleashed, which led to internal struggles within the development house. The game was then shelved, and ironically sits as a dusty old relic that Indy himself would track down. Check out the game in action.

Dirty Harry (360/PS3)

While many may think that a Dirty Harry game would never be considered (it was) and whether Clint Eastwood would approve (he did), there’s no denying that it would make for an awesome shoot-‘em-up.

The game was planned to take players back into the shoes of San Francisco’s no-holds-barred police officer, with Eastwood on-board to provide voice work. It all sounded a too good to be true, and the closure of developer Foundation 9 solidified that notion. Warner Bros. Interactive still have the publishing rights, but no word has been heard of Dirty Harry since the cancellation.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned

The Pirates of the Caribbean films proved to be a solid move for Disney after their ride-turned-film-series racked in some large numbers at the box office. However, on the video game front things seemed a bit less impressive. Some shameless tie-ins and a Lego spin-offs haven’t really done the swashbuckling name many favours.

Armada of the Damned was looking to rectify that, as Disney Interactive Studio’s large open-world action/adventure game was stepping away from the film’s characters, and bringing in the treasure-chasing antics of Captain James Sterling.

The initial videos and screenshots of the game looked incredibly impressive, with stark visuals, brawling action and the ability to customise your own ship and crew to sail the seas, Armada of the Damned looked promising to say the least.

The project unfortunately sank in late October 2010.

Faith and a .45

Faith and a .45 wasn’t highly publicised, and it’s because the game always had a tough time finding a developer since its inception. Despite this, the game looked really interesting, as it took the form of a cover-based third-person shooter where players relied on co-op tactics to survive. The story followed a couple (who were also bank robbers) during the Great Depression, as they had to outrun a nefarious oilman bent on revenge.

The game required players to work together, much like Gears of War or Army of Two, and also featured online and offline co-op. Faith and a .45 did manage to get a trailer, which showed off some of the action the game had to offer.

Sadly, the game’s lack of a publisher forced it into early retirement. Now that’s a great depression.


The Command & Conquer series once tried its hand at a first-person shooter in the form of C&C: Renegade. The game didn’t blow gamers away, but admittedly, the idea intrigued everyone.

Tiberium was supposed to be another spin-off which gave the FPS genre another go. The game wanted to bring solid shooting gameplay mechanics, mixed with the RTS elements the series is primarily known for. The game got quite a way in terms of development process, with a number of trailers and gameplay videos showing off Tiberium in motion.

The game was cancelled due to failing to meet EA’s quality standards, which is unfortunate given the potential of the project.

What are some of gaming’s cancelled projects that you with made it to store shelves?

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Top 5 cancelled games that should be made

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