5 villainous races we love to hate

What would gaming be without enemies? A game where you couldn’t shoot, stab or kick something in the face goes against everything that action gaming stands for.

As much as we hate and despise our virtual enemies, something at the core of our gaming being makes us love our opposition as well – every Tom needs his Jerry, every Road Runner needs his Coyote and every Scooby needs his masked janitor.

For gamers, we have a wealth of baddies trying to foil our plans to save the world, and some races and enemy groups have become our favourites to love to hate on. So let’s take a moment to embrace those we grenade, impale and headshot in our 5 favourite (but totally evil) races.


Admit it, as cool as the Killzone ISA heroes are, the Helghast always just seem better. Killzone has to be the one game that makes you want to be on the bad side instead of the good. Their weaponry, brash English accents and awesome orange-glowing goggles cut a much cooler image than ISA’s run-of-the-mill ‘hoorah’ soldiers.

While you can play as the Helghast in multiplayer, you have to fight against them throughout the series’ campaigns. Thankfully, they’re also pretty fun to shoot, as they scream and grunt while spinning to the floor.

The cloaking snipers and blade-wielding Capture Troopers from Killzone 3 only upped the jealousy-factor for gamers, and established the Helghast as one of the coolest enemy races in gaming.


Unlike the Helghast, the Locust Horde are not a race you want to be part of, but they are just as enjoyable to kill. Not much is known about Gears of War’s Locust race, besides looking like the offspring of an orgy between the Ninja Turtles and a rhino.

What makes the Locust so appealing (besides their gorgeous looks) is that they are the best things to shoot, ever. They’re chunky, meaty and bleed a hell of a lot. Chainsawing them in half is probably the closest thing you can get to true happiness (barring ice-cream).

Nazi Zombies

Two things that everybody will never get tired of shooting – Nazis and zombies. So why not combine the two?

Call of Duty: World at War introduced the world to Nazi zombies, and an online phenomenon kicked off – one that no one expected.

Seeing a zombie immediately makes our trigger fingers itch uncontrollably – then adding some SS caps and swastikas lead to the utmost joy as we stabbed, decapitated and boarded-out the undead Third Reich.

Black Ops II is set to bring back the zombies mode, although bets are that we won’t be seeing any flesh-eating Nazi’s, as the game will opt for more traditional walking dead (*yawn).

Skeletons warriors

Ahh, skeleton warriors. Now, these guys are bad to the bone, literally.

Skeleton warriors aren’t specific to any game in particular, as they’ve featured in everything from Diablo to Castlevania, and continue to be as hated and beloved as ever.

When gamers see skeletons wielding shields, swords, axes or whatever they can get their hands on to try and kill you, it’s understood that they are a henchmen prelude to something bigger coming your way.

And this brings about some excitement, because they usually soak up damage like a sponge and tend to drop cool items or give you some experience points in times of need.


The Chimera sure have a great sense of timing. These space-invaders decided to perch down on Earth in its most vulnerable moment – right in the height of World War II. What scum.

Despite being unbelievably inconsiderate (and destroying most of humanity, etc, etc.), the Chimera are a pretty impressive villainous race.

They not only managed to take out the devilishly tough Russian forces, but took on the combined forces of the allied troops and delivered an ass-whooping of epic proportions.

The Chimera also have a metabolism that is approximately twelve times that of a normal human being, which gives them extraordinary regeneration abilities, speed, and strength.

Due to this, they also get a little hot-under-the-collar, and use cooling apparatuses on their backs to stay alive on Earth’s warmer climate.

As mean as they are, they also have a gun which can shoot through walls, with the shot getting stronger and stronger through each barrier; and any race that can build that type of weapon is a winner in my books.

What are some of your favourite enemies? Any races that stand out as your favourite cannon-fodder? Let us know in the comments below and on the MyGaming forum.

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5 villainous races we love to hate

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