The Amazing Spider-man review roundup

The Amazing Spider-man has now swung into the frame once again, and after looking at Spidey’s history, it’s time to look to the future, and it’s looking bright.

Spider-man’s video game counterpart of his big-screen reboot looks to be impressing the critics and returning the wall-crawler to his deserved form. There are small hiccups that reviewers have pointed, but on the whole, things appear upside down, and that’s just how Spidey would want it.

EGM Now – 8.0

“The best Spider-Man adventure in years isn’t quite what it should’ve been. Developer Beenox actually crams too much into the package, cluttering what could’ve been a landmark tale for Marvel’s wall-crawler.”

G4 – 4/5

“Beenox’s previous Spider-Man titles were pedestrian at best, but The Amazing Spider-Man is a stellar installment that gives me hope for future games. Because this is the game Spider-Man deserves, not the one he needs. Was that Batman? Whatever shut up it’s my review.” Read the full review.

GameSpot – 75/100

“When developer Beenox gives Spidey room to soar, you get caught up in the pure elation of swinging through a spirited city, where helicopters hover overhead and well-wishers call out to you in the streets. And that elation is the best reason to don the suit once more and remind yourself that with great power comes good fun.” Read the full review.

Game Informer – 68/100

“Like one of Spider-Man’s arch-villains, Amazing Spider-Man is deceptive. The game displays a lot of promise early on, but it devolves into mediocrity after you’ve invested a few hours learning its basic systems.” Read the full review.

Cheat Code Central – 80/100

“This is the real draw of The Amazing Spider-Man. You are Spider-Man. You may not feel it completely (as you would with, say, a Mirror’s Edge-styled Spider-Man game), but there is no doubt that the heart of the game is once again in the free roam. It is fun to beat up bad guys with that particular Spidey flair, but nothing will ever replace the feeling players get while soaring through the city.” Read the full review.

IGN – 70/100

“The visuals aren’t stunning, the story isn’t crazy exciting, and the missions get repetitive. But The Amazing Spider-Man is fun to play. Webbing bad guys, finding comics and swinging through the streets of Manhattan entertain, and even though I had the story and most side missions polished off in a little more than 10 hours, I’m still donning the red and blue for web-slinging fun. The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t a great game, but it can be a great time.” Read the full review

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The Amazing Spider-man review roundup

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