Most popular broadband connections in SA

The DMMA released its latest Effective Measure statistics recently, which showed that South Africa’s top websites attracted 16,819,048 unique local browsers and registered 507,992,810 page views from local visitors.

The DMMA also released its latest South African Internet user demographics, giving insights into the local Internet landscape regarding the age, gender, income and employment of SA netizens.

According to the Effective Measure demographics statistics, which is based on 127,298 surveys across South Africa’s largest websites, 54% of the country’s Internet users are male (and hence 46% female).

The report further revealed that 62% of all website visitors in South Africa are in committed relationships, and that the vast majority of local Internet users are over the age of 25.

Most popular Internet connection types

The EM statistics show that the majority of Internet users in South Africa use an ADSL connection to surf the web, followed by mobile broadband and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Internet connection types

Internet connection types

This statistic may surprise some people because of the fact that there are far more mobile broadband connections than ADSL lines in the country.

The latest figures show that Telkom has around 827,000 ADSL subscribers, far less than the total number of mobile broadband users which rank in the millions.

However, World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck’s research showed that a single ADSL line typically connects multiple users to the Internet in the small and medium size business environment.

Goldstuck’s research showed that 23% of small business ADSL lines connect an average of between 5 and 20 additional people per ADSL connection to the Internet.

Ericsson recently released its Traffic and Market Report, confirming Goldstuck’s research, saying that the number of fixed broadband users (globally) is at least three times the number of fixed broadband connections, due to multiple usage in households, enterprises and public access spots.

The opposite is true for mobile connections, where subscription numbers exceed user numbers. According to Ericsson this is set to change.

“In the latter years of the forecasting period (up to 2017), it is likely that the usage trend for mobile PCs will be similar to fixed broadband usage today, with several users per subscription. This is especially the case in developing markets where mobile access will be the main source of internet connection,” the Ericsson report states.

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Most popular broadband connections in SA

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