PES 2013: 5 things you need to know

PES 2012 was a strong step-up for Konami’s football series, and with PES 2013 on the horizon, the long-running franchise is looking to prove it has the authenticity and level of fidelity to beat that “other” footie rival.

The game is said to be “returning to its roots”, while also bringing some new features to mix it up on the virtual pitch; but what are the most important elements that PES 2013 is offering players this season?

Full manual shooting and passing

Taking note of community feedback, Konami are introducing FMS (Full Manual Shooting and Passing). FMS provides greater control over the ball, particularly with linking plays together and delivering a clinical finish. The hypersensitive controls are slightly difficult to master at first, although the level of specificity to your angle, speed, and direction of your shots results in no two strikes behaving the same way.

Passing is heavily dependent on your players’ skill set, with pass strength depending on how hard and fast the button is pressed. Some high-skill players can even put back spin on passes to lay up team-mates in good positions.

Deft touch dribbling

The new features include PES FullControl (PES FC) which allows for greater freedom of movement, dynamic first touches and slower, more precise control of the ball.

Moves, such as changing the speed of the dribble, knocking a ball past a player and collecting it, nutmeg, or holding up a play by shielding the ball from a defender while your team gets in better position, are much more realistic, although the moves do have a learning curve to embrace.

Players ID

A strong focus has also been placed on player individuality and AI, with emphasis put on the individual skill of the world’s greatest stars, as players will feature the trademark abilities of their real-life counterparts.

Van Persie, Balotelli, Rooney, Nani, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho (to name a few) have all been recreated with their own unique playing styles to mimic their real habits and behaviours.

Konami have said that “the way they run, turn, trap and move the ball, shape to shoot and even celebrate will be noticeably different during play.”

Goalkeeper individuality

The movement and individuality of goalkeepers has also been significantly enhanced for PES 2013. New animations have been built into the keepers’ AI, allowing them to close down attacks and fling themselves around more dynamically and realistically.

This hopefully remedies a lot of those rigid goalkeeper moments that the genre is still plagued with.

Proactive AI

A complaint with PES 2012 was that the AI defense always sat too deep and never really manoeuvred their way into the game in order to help you. This time around, Konami says that the AI will have a much higher work rate and actively work to open up opportunities or provide defensive countermeasures.

The inclusion of 360-degree movement on attack also created a need for AI to be upped in order to cater for the new running lines.

PES 2013 isn’t looking to break new ground with the football genre, but is looking to provide a realistic and unparalleled experience of authenticity with the new additions (and old style returning).

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is scheduled for an October 2012 release.

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PES 2013: 5 things you need to know

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