Resident Evil 6 hands-on preview

With less than a month before Resident Evil 6 is unleashed onto gamers, MyGaming got some hands-on time with Capcom’s upcoming action/horror sequel.

First things first – many gamers have been saying that the series has lost its “horror-touch” and isn’t scary anymore. After playing a fair amount, it’s safe to say that the game maintains its heritage of fear, as well as adding an even bigger fear-factor thanks to the graphical quality of the tech on-hand.

For those gamers who loved the direction the series was going in, RE6 maintains that over-the-top fast-paced action feel. It’s as if Capcom wants to please new and old-school fans of the series, and they have done so in grand fashion.

The three campaigns in which the game is split into separates as well as highlights these different elements of the franchise well. Leon’s campaign follows a more traditional RE style; Chris takes a more action-oriented and squad-based approach; while new character Jake’s campaign is tailored towards a mixture of fast-paced melee and weapon combat.

As for the gameplay specifics, the biggest addition to the series has to be the modification of the control scheme to include dual-stick functionality for moving and shooting simultaneously. Instead of the stop-shoot-run gameplay of the series, the game now plays like a more like a modern third-person shooter.

Leon can dual-wield too, giving him the opportunity to waste even more bullets in those trying times.

A cover system and multiple shooting positions (while downed on the floor) are also thrown into the arsenal to handle the waves of enemies coming your way.

Skeptics have also felt that the inclusion of moving while shooting has taken the element of horror away. While it does give the chance to play more “carelessly”, the suspense and fear still exists, thanks to smarter AI and more vulnerable situations that you’re thrown into.

Characters can now vault over most waist-high objects, and even slide across tables. This comes in handy when being cornered by a group of the undead, or something worse.

Another first for the franchise is a skill system. Players can equip three different perks to their characters, which can alter anything from melee damage, to strength against a particular enemy.

While the version on-hand was a preview build, the visuals were impressive, with well-created character models and detailed environments. Some great atmospheric lighting and particle effects added to the overall eye-candy. There was the odd awkward animation, although we’ll put it down to the unfinished build.

For risk of giving away spoilers, we won’t go into detail, however the plot of each campaign was intriguing and they all seemed to tie into one another in the over-arching storyline.

Resident Evil 6 is set for release on 2 October 2012, and so far, things are looking very promising for the next instalment.

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Resident Evil 6 hands-on preview

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