London zombies, space zombies, and ponytails

As we head towards the rAge expo this weekend, we’re still being treated to a bunch of game videos – a taste of some that will be playable at this year’s show.

Take a closer look at the setting of ZombiU, a lengthy Dead Space 3 walkthrough, some details on the preparation of Tomb Raider, and a number of other entertaining trailers.

Zombie U

Dev diary Episode 2

Dead Space 3

Eudora gameplay walkthrough

Tomb Raider

The Final Hours Episode 2

Nights into Dreams

Launch trailer & Sonic Adventures

Walking Dead Episode 4

Around Every Corner trailer

Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection


Medal of Honor: Warfighter

SFOD-D Point Man GAME Pre-Order Exclusive trailer

Spy Hunter

History trailer

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

Xbox 360 Demo trailer

Hitman Absolution

Kill Mode trailer

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London zombies, space zombies, and ponytails

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