Far Cry 3: learning to adapt

Far Cry 3 is shaping up to be an exciting game, with stunning visuals and a manic storyline to drive the action. During rAge 2012, Ubisoft developer Robert Darryl Purdy, Far Cry 3 cinematics director, was on hand to give us some insight into the creative process of bringing this massively visual title to life.

MyGaming: What was it like being involved in the development of Far Cry 3?

Purdy: “Like any production of that level, it’s had its hiccups, but overall it’s been a really great experience. It’s been one of the highlights of my professional career. I’ve learnt a of things and we’re all really proud of what we’ve been able to achieve. It’s been a labour of love for the whole team and we’re really proud of it.”

MyGaming: Were there any things learnt from Far Cry 2 that helped with the development of Far Cry 3?

Purdy: “Definitely – we tried to address what struck a chord with fans – both on the positive and negative. We had a lot of people who loved the first Far Cry, which was less open-world, but then there’s some gamers who loved Far Cry 2. Those gamers said they were less response to things like respawning at outposts and gun-jamming, so we took out all that from Far Cry 3. I feel we’ve found a good balance between the first two games. There’s a great storyline, along with a large open-world to explore as well.”

Robert Darryl Purdy (Far Cry 3 cinematics director)

MyGaming: How much do the cinematics and storytelling play a role in Far Cry 3?

Purdy: The narrative is one of the backbones of the game, and we’ve tried to tie gameplay with narrative as much as we can. We looked at the element of putting a gun in someone’s hands who has never killed anyone, and put them in a situation where they have to kill and what toll that takes psychologically– and that’s one of the things we tried to focus on in the story.

MyGaming: How does the approach to cinematics and storytelling change from developing a first-person game to that of a third-person game?

Purdy: “That is one of the challenges developers always face. We explored a third person narrative on Far Cry 3, because there’s so many tools at your disposal, such as camera shots, editing, angles etc. But because we wanted to get into the psyche of our hero, we wanted to show the story from the eyes of Jason. Given this, the focus needed to rely on the performance capture of the actors, who did a phenomenal job.”

MyGaming: How does Far Cry 3’s story tie into the multiplayer?

Purdy: “The multiplayer storyline ties into the same story, although you won’t cross paths with Jason at any point in multiplayer. The PvP depicts the war between Vas’ men, and the natives on the surrounding islands.

In 4-player co-op, the multiplayer has its own contrasting storyline to the single player, as you play as a group who are comfortable with killing and have no morals or rules, as opposed to the single-player campaign, where you have to learn to come to terms with the savagery on the island.”

Far Cry 3 is set for a 30 November 2012 release date, and check out more Far Cry 3 coverage.

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Far Cry 3: learning to adapt

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