Forza Horizon review round-up

Forza Horizon returns with the most ambitious entry to date, but as the famed racing series enters the open-world, are critics pleased or concerned for where the franchise has found itself?

The Xbox 360-exclusive Forza Horizon currently holds a Metacritic of 85 and 85.33 percent on GameRankings.

Things are looking pretty good for the new-look Forza, with both aggregate scores in the mid-80s, but what are the actual thoughts from the critics?

IGN: 9

“If you love Forza 4, this is the perfect companion. If you love cars, this is essential. The school of thought may be that it’s hard to push racing games this late in a generation, but Playground Games hasn’t just moved the needle here. It’s buried it.” Read the full review.

Gamespot: 8.5

“Despite Horizon’s newfound focus on style and flash, sim enthusiasts need not be alarmed: this is no arcade racer.” Read the full review.

GameReactor: 9/10

“If you are only going to buy one racing game this fall, buy this.” Read the full review.

Gaming Examiner: 9.5

“The Forza series is expanding beyond the racetrack, and Horizon represents a fantastic first salvo into the greater Forza world.” Read the full review.

Destructiod: 9

“Forza Horizon mixes authentic racing with an open world to create a unique game that will appeal to both hardcore car freaks and casual racers… For as much as I love Forza Motorsport, it’s going to be hard to go back after this.” Read the full review.

Eurogamer: 9

“Forza Horizon is a big, exciting game that finally brings car enthusiasts together with the realistic open roads they crave.” Read the full review.

Polygon: 6

“Forza Horizon is never fleshed out enough to reach its potential. There’s value to the idea of making a more outwardly accessible entry in a series that’s normally targeted at hardcore car nuts. But Horizon’s accessibility gives way to a lack of foresight. Its open world feels empty, its economic model is questionable, and its armada of cars are powerless against arbitrary AI escalation. Forza Horizon has more flash than its predecessors, but it’s hollow by comparison.” Read the full review.

VentureBeat: 83/100

“While Forza Horizon can come across as demographic-mongering, interactive junk food, you’ll find a deeply engaging racing experience below its overly gaudy candy-paint top coat.” Read the full review.

So despite the odd negative comment, it looks as if game reviewers have taken a liking to Forza Horizon. Will you be picking up Turn 10’s Forza detour or wait for another purist racing title?

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Forza Horizon review round-up

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