Bond games worth playing

With 007 Legends being a bit of a mixed-bag in terms of international reviews scores, we sat around wondering why Mr. Bond just can’t seem to find his feet in the video game world.

That said, we thought about the charming agent’s high-points, and to be fair, he’s had some pretty great virtual experiences – not to mention one of the highest rated games of all time.

So with the latest Bond film, Skyfall, edging closer to release. We’ll need our gadget and face-shooting fix soon; so what are 3 Bond games worth checking out?

007 Blood Stone

Unfortunately, 007 Blood Stone is one of most overlooked Bond games, and it shouldn’t be.

Blood Stone does a good job at recreating the slick look 007 is known for, with pretty graphics, intense third-person gun-fights, great hand-to-hand takedowns, and all  of this mixed in with some high-paced driving sequences.

The game doesn’t follow any particular film, and plays out as a spin-off, which is a good thing, because Blood Stone managed to carve out an under-appreciated identity of its own.

GoldenEye 007

You can’t talk about great games in history without mentioning the Nintendo 64 classic, Goldeneye 007.

The game marked a new era for 3D first-person shooters, and racked-up a Metascore of 96 over its lifespan.

The game had great gameplay and amazing graphics (for its time), along with a solid 4-player split-screen multiplayer that still has a cult-following to this day.

The fact that the game got a re-imagined homage, GoldenEye: Reloaded, is a testament to the Martini-drenched mark the original left on the industry.

The World Is Not Enough

While under the care of EA, James Bond got a tie-in with the 1999 feature film The World is Not Enough.

The game tried to replicate the success of GoldenEye, and although it didn’t hit those heights, it’s one of the best Bond experiences you’ll find.

Everything you’d expect makes an appearance (cars, women, evil villains, and cool gadgets), and looked pretty damn good on the original Playstation – what more could you ask for?

007: Everything or Nothing

Brosnan’s likeness returned in Everything or Nothing, which was essentially the first third-person Bond game that really worked.

The game had its obvious shortcomings, but it had some great sequences, such as vehicle escapes and rappelling down walls while shooting henchmen.

Like Blood Stone, Everything or Nothing was also an original story not pulled from any movie, and quite a good story at that.

Are you a fan of any particular Bond games? Are you still going to give Legends a chance? Let us know in the comments below and in the MyGaming forums.

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  • GTboy0

    I liked James Bond: Nightfire, or was it skyfire ???

  • I’m curious what their shortcomings were with Everything or Nothing? Because really, it was a much more polished game than Blood Stone, not to mention it had a lot more features and game mechanic complexity to pull off. From flying helicopters to driving SUVs that raced along a speeding train, to that unforgettable bridge sequence on the motorcycle with that nanomachine tanker.

    Ah, so many fond memories.

  • Nightfire 🙂

  • From my memory, the auto-targeting system was a bit sticky and awkward. There was no free-aiming, which made it a bit strange. But definitely had some good fun with Everything or Nothing!

  • Same here. I think it’s one of the most underrated Bond games out there. It had some great stealth-centric missions with awesome level design, was suitably over-the-top and had a halfway decent storyline. I really loved it.

Bond games worth playing

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