Hitman: Absolution pre-order roundup

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Agent 47 returns this month after a lengthy hiatus, and fans of virtual choking and body-dragging should prepare for the bald-headed, bar-coded assassin’s biggest challenge yet.

Backstabbed by his organisation and those he trusted, Agent 47 must go up against all odds to bring down those responsible for his betrayal.

Smarter AI, gorgeous visuals, incredibly detailed environments and hundreds of ways to dispose of targets will give Hitman: Absolution more depth and variety than ever before.

The untalkative assassin will return on 20 November 2012, so expect some sharp-dressing and silent violence heading into the holiday season.  If you’re looking to pre-order the game, there’s a number of good deals on offer.

Local Release Date:  Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Following is a table of retailers and prices.  Feel free to use it as a guide when deciding which retailer to order from.

Please note: These prices are correct at time of posting.

Local Online Retailers Xbox 360 PS3 PC
Kalahari (Free delivery on orders untile the end of December 2012)Pre-order Incentive R499 R499 R339
Loot (Free delivery on orders over R250) R529 R529 R359
Takealot (Free delivery on orders over R250)Pre-order Incentive R525 R545 R360
BT Games (Free delivery on all orders over R390 and under 2kg as well as free store collection) R515 R515 R345
Exclus1ves (Free delivery on all orders over R250 as well as free delivery to any Exclusive Books branch for collection, regardless of order total) R539 R539 R359
AnimeWorx (R50 delivery as well as free store collection) R575 R575 R390
CNA (Free delivery on orders over R350) R599.90 R599.90 R399.90
Look and Listen (R40.50 courier delivery) R517 R517 R345
Uber Games (In-store Pick-up is R10, Door to door delivery is R50 and delivery to your nearest post office is Free) R515 R515 R355
GamesX R539 R539 R359

Please note: Retailers that have made a clear offering of a Pre-order Incentive have been marked in the table above.

The prices above are for the Standard Edition of the game.  If you have your heart set on either of the Professional Editions, Kalahari seems to have the cheapest options for all 3 platforms.  The “regular” Profession Edition will cost you R600 on consoles where as the Deluxe Profession Edition will set you back R1000.  For PC versions, the prices are R430 and R850 respectively.

I’ve marked in bold the 3 cheapest prices not taking into account delivery cost.  Please factor this in when deciding on your preferred retailer.

Please double check delivery costs and dates when completing your order.

If there’s a local online retailer you know of that we’ve left out, please let us know so that we can add it to similar posts in the future.

One last thing.  Not to influence your decision but if you order from Kalahari or Loot, we will get a small cut of the sale for us referring you to them.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with the other retailers.  To better understand how to support us and the site, check out our Support page.  Thank you.

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Hitman: Absolution pre-order roundup

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