Should you buy Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two?

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To the jubilation of platformer fans and followers of the great mouse everywhere, the Epic Mickey sequel is finally making its way onto Xbox 360 and PS3 this week.

Featuring Mickey and Oswald the rabbit, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, features full drop-in drop-out co-op multiplayer. When played co-operatively, players will have to work together to use Mickey’s paint and thinner abilities, while complementing them with Oswald’s ability to control objects around the environment.

Epic Mickey 2 was developed under the watchful eye of Warren Spector, but does the magic mouse have all the right ingredients to leave more than a faded sketch?

The reviews are in, and Epic Mickey 2 is currently sitting on a Metascore of 61 and 56 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 respectively, while holding  62.87 and 58.55 percentages over on GameRankings for the same platforms.

The game is also on PC and Wii U, although there’s not enough reviews to pull an aggregate.

Check out what the critics have to say:

Gameinformer  – 5.75/10

“Attractive visuals only carry the game so far. Just when I finished one infuriating, monotonous boss fight I’d get thrown into another directionless, obtuse puzzle room. The discrete sections connect into an unbroken string of frustrating gameplay. I’m genuinely sad that a game rooted in the joy of Disney failed to evoke any in me, but Epic Mickey 2 is so disjointed and rambling, I was ready to escape Wasteland when the time came.” Read the full review.

GamesRadar – 2.5/5

“Functionally broken AI and awful navigation tools makes Epic Mickey 2 a poor experience all around, and worth avoiding for all but the most die-hard of Disney fans, and even they might feel betrayed.” Read the full review.

Edge – 5/10

“The Power of Two may have fewer technical issues than its predecessor, but it’s a less adventurous, less courageous, and overall less interesting game. It struggles to make you care about its world, and as a result its one big idea – that of the Wasteland reacting to your choices – feels decidedly flaccid.”  Read the full review.

Game Revolution – 4/5

“It’s a bit more work than one should expect as a kids game, but it’s really designed for adults looking to recapture some of that childhood Disney fun, and it does the job well enough. Not perfect, but not a terrible way to spend time in front of the TV.”  Read the full review.

Official Xbox Magazine – 7/10

“While delightful on the whole, Epic Mickey 2 has a few basic design issues that make its world less than magical. But stick with Epic Mickey 2 and you’ll be rewarded by a level design and style that bring the ‘epic.’ It’s one of those perfectly imperfect games you’ll grow to love, even with its annoyances.” Read the full review.

GameTrailers – 6.7/10

“Despite the new additions, Epic Mickey 2 feels phoned in. The charm and novelty of the paint mechanics are starting to fade, and it lacks the ambitious decision making that helped to distinguish the original.”  Read the full review.

Epic Mickey 2 Power of Two screenshots 18

IGN – 6/10

“Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two leaves you wishing the developer had refined the mechanics of the original before embarking on its more intrepid endeavors. The game still delivers on the charm and occasionally hits some truly inspired highs, but fundamental issues hold it back from ever getting within sight of its goals.”  Read the full review.

Destructoid – 2/10

“Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two does nothing to improve itself over its predecessor, repeating old ideas while refusing to fix problems that are glaringly obvious to even the least tasteful of dolts. Anything added in the sequel has been done so to the its overall detriment — the voice acting grates, the musical pretensions are vapid, and the cooperative schtick is corny, strained, and a total intrusion for solo play that slows progress, causes trouble, and does not bloody work.”  Read the full review.

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