Great online gadgets, gaming shops in SA

South Africa has many online shops which offer the latest gadgets and geek products, including Mentality, Musica, Look & Listen, Digital Sushi, The Dark Carnival and Yuppie Gadgets.

If you are in the market for the latest gadgets, one of the following stores should serve your needs.


If you’re looking for anything integral to being a 21st century male, Mantality has it.

Mantality has a great selection of gadgets on hand, and features everything from iPhone cases and portable speakers, to sonic grenades and underwater lighters.

Most products (if currently in stock) feature 24-hour delivery or collection within Johannesburg.

Borat Mankini

You’ve got to be a real man to wear the Borat Mankini


Musica has become more than a simple music store, and offers a lot of toys and trinkets in the gadget sphere and culture.

Gaming paraphernalia, mobile accessories and audio gadgets are all on offer from Musica.

Look & Listen 

Like Musica, Look & Listen has branched out into gadgets and tech products in recent years, and is a good place to look for a tech device or accessory.

Look & Listen has now become as equally known for its tech products and gadgets (particularly its headphone range) as it has for its music selection.

Digital Sushi

Digital Sushi has a lot of different tech products and gadgets in its online store, including HD capture devices and mobile charging accessories.

Digital Sushi also ships across all provinces.

Arkham Horror

Take your gaming back to the table-top with board games such as Arkham Horror

The Dark Carnival

The Dark Carnival is a good place to look for anyone who has a fetish for comic book or movie branded gadgets.

There’s a variety of Star Wars branded goodies that stand out, particularly that of some Darth Vader DJ headphones.

Yuppie Gadgets

For everything you didn’t think you need, but suddenly you do, Yuppie Gadgets is the answer.

USB digital microscopes, miniature robots, R2D2 alarm clocks and everything else you probably desperately need is available at Yuppie Gadgets.

AppToyz AppBlaster

Turn your office into an augmented-reality battleground with the AppToyz AppBlaster

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Great online gadgets, gaming shops in SA

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