Play Gears of War Jugment early with Microsoft SA

Gears of War Judgment news

Microsoft Xbox SA has revealed that Gears of War Judgment will be playable at their upcoming Halo 4 finals, which take place in Johannesburg on 9 February 2012 from 11am-3pm.

This will give gamers a chance to play Judgment a month ahead of its official launch.

The public is welcome to attend the event to see the pwnage and tea-bagging up close and personal.

The Halo 4 Tournament has featured clan-based matches where 8 players (4-a-side) have been battling it out in deathmatch elimination rounds.

Free-for-all deathmatches have also been played for those who backed their own ability; so the finals should be entertaining to say the least.

To sign up and get details on attendance info and the venue of the event, head over to the Halo SA tournament page and follow the instructions.

Win tickets to attend the Halo 4 finals

To guarantee your attendance of the event, Microsoft SA has given MyGaming 30 sets of double tickets to hand out to the community.

To enter the draw, head on over to the MyGaming competition forum.

Gears of War: Judgment – Xbox 360 (19 March 2013)

Gears of War: Judgment’s prequel setting will chronicle the events of E-Day breaking out, when the Locust first attacked Sera. While the game will revolve around the Alpha Squad disobeying orders and the impending trial, don’t expect to spend much time in the courtroom, as the new game is described as a non-stop action romp. Damon Baird and Augustus Cole are the protagonists in Judgment.

The game will play out through flashbacks, leading us to assume we’ll get insight into the desertion and war-crimes supposedly committed by Alpha Squad, and why the group may have neglected their duty. The backdrop will then be the testimony that the Squad has to give in their defense.

People Can Fly are promising to deliver a true Gears experience, with an intense campaign and beefed-up multiplayer component.

Catch up on all the Gears of War Judgment news.

Gears of War Judgment

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Play Gears of War Jugment early with Microsoft SA

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