Dota 2 SA vs Romania challenge accepted

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South Africa has been officially challenged by Romania to an online test match in an eSports game of Dota 2. The MSSA has now provided details on the formation of a South African team to take on the challengers.

The MSSA explained that, among the requirements for the match, there is the need to have a single venue from which the SA team plays, and there has to be an approved umpire who will oversee the event.

Due to to the potential logistic and financial barriers of forming a team comprised of players from across South Africa, the MSSA has put forward a solution that should provide a compromise for all interested Dota 2 players.

A Dota 2 on-line competition for MSSA registered players will be held on  6 April 2013. Invites to trials shall be sent out to the registered players of the teams that finish in the top three or the top 20% (whichever is greater).

As per regulations, all such players who qualify from the genre as a whole shall be invited to the trials. The trials shall be held after the championship on 6 April 2013.

The registered players that enter the trials shall organise themselves into teams that:

  1. All come from the same area. In other words, everybody in the team must reside within 50km of each other; or
  2. Any team that does not comply with point 1 above, will have to get the players in their team who are not in the same area to the venue for the test matches at their own expense.

Trials shall be done at a LAN venue, and the team that can best represent South Africa shall then be selected.

If you want some DotA 2 practice, ahead of the trials, check out MyGaming’s Dota 2 Sunday Evening Cup Series that everyone can take partake in. 


South Africa vs Romania

“While most South Africans are not aware of the Romanian eSports scene, [we] would do well to be wary of the strength of Romania in eSports. In two out of three years, Romania has been in the medals at the annual IeSF World Championships,” said Colin Webster, MSSA president.

South Africa is ranked by the IeSF as the 16th best eSports country in the world (along with the Philippines and Singapore). Romania is ranked an impressive third in the world. First is South Korea, and second is Austria.

“There is no doubt that this test match will be of great benefit to all South African gamers, and will hopefully cement South Africa as a real contender in the world of eSports,” said Webster.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee, is responsible for the good governance and promotion of competitive table-top gaming, board gaming, and e-Sports.

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Dota 2 SA vs Romania challenge accepted

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