Is Tomb Raider worth exploring?

Lara Croft’s long-awaited reboot is finally returning, but ahead of the South African launch next week (5 March 2013), the international reviews have begun rolling in.

The game currently sits on a Metascore of 88 and 86 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively, while over on GameRankings it holds 86.70 and 87.73 percent on the same platforms.

The PC version currently has no dedicated reviews yet, but by the look of the console scores, expect a pretty good experience on PC too.

Check out what the critics had to say:

Gameinformer: 9.25/10

“Crystal Dynamics has nailed a pitch-perfect new vision for one of gaming’s most recognizable characters, and revitalizes her for what I hope will be many more installments.”

IGN: 9.1/10

“It is a superb action game that brings a new emotional dimension to one of gaming’s most enduring icons, and repositions her alongside Nathan Drake at the top of gaming’s action-hero heirachy.”

GameSpot: 8.5/10

“The single-player campaign here is the main attraction, and it is excellent. It doesn’t try to rewrite the book on third-person action adventure games. But with its excellent controls, engaging heroine, thrilling combat, and fascinating setting, it doesn’t need to.”

GamesRadar: 4.5/5

“Even if you’ve never been a huge fan of Lara Croft’s fortune-hunting adventures, Tomb Raider is sure to impress. Its expert sense of pacing, captivating setting, and dark tone create a truly memorable experience that’s further enhanced by an immense level of detail.”

Edge: 8/10

“If the purpose of a reboot is to redefine a character and set them up for the future, then this is a job well done.”

CVG: 9.0/10

“Violent, scary, ambitious, inventive: a lack of tombs and unconvincing characters can’t mar a blockbuster return to form for Tomb Raider.”

Eurogamer: 8/10

“Beneath the noise there is an engaging story clamouring to be heard, and there are moments of true beauty, serenity and pathos fighting for attention. The game does get better as it goes on, and despite the distractions the last few hours are a pleasure to play. At the centre of it all is a brilliant character, still iconic but more human and believable than she’s ever been before.”

OXM UK: 8/10

“Tomb Raider is an excellent game that, while paying tribute to Lara Croft’s heritage, certainly feels like a new beginning – mechanically as well as thematically. It’s visually dazzling, narratively affecting, dangerously near best-in-class when it comes to solid shooting, vertiginous platforming and ballsy set plays… and bodes fantastically for any future instalments.”

Destructoid: 8.5/10

“Tightly produced, competent in both its puzzling and its combat, this is one reboot that manages to be unequivocally superior to its predecessors. Lara Croft has at last scaled the mountain of relevance once again, and the view’s pretty good from up there.”

Official PlayStation Magazine: 8/10

“PlayStation’s first lady is back in style, even if the crown no longer fits as once it did.”

Polygon: 9/10

“It’s easy to point out the many ways that Tomb Raider borrows bits and pieces from other popular games of the last five years, but Crystal Dynamics has blended these disparate strengths into something remarkable”.

So, will you be picking up Tomb Raider next week? Let us know below in the comments and in the MyGaming forums.

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Is Tomb Raider worth exploring?

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