MyGaming Dota 2 titans face off

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The MyGaming Dota 2 Sunday Evening Cup Series will hit its crescendo this weekend when the final takes place on 10 March 2013.

Veterans and newcomers alike were out in force to test their mettle during our inaugural tournament, and by all measures, we are ready to brand this a success and head strongly into MyGaming Dota 2 Sunday Evening Cup Series Season 2, which will be announced shortly.

We’d like to thank all the teams who joined us for the inaugural run and hope to see even more support going forward.

Below is the play-off line-up, with teams competing for the prize pot of R2,000.

MyGaming DOTA 2 SECs powered by PolarfluKe finals

MyGaming DOTA 2 SECs powered by PolarfluKe finals

Join us on Sunday, 10 March 2013 to watch the finals live. The stream will be live from 4:45PM over on PolarfluKe’s TwitchTV channel:

MyGaming Dota 2 SECS – week 4 breakdown

The tournament, powered by PolarfluKe, has already produced some top-level SA Dota 2 encounters, and the week 4 match-ups were no different.

This post-event report is provided by resident PolarfluKe shoutcaster Kyle Wolmerans (aka Congo):

Last weekend’s Sunday Evening Cup Series was a short and sweet action-packed bracket. With university kicking into full swing attendance in this week’s “kick ass at dota class” was a bit low, but nonetheless the regulars were here to fight once again for that spot in the top 8 to compete for the cash prize in next week’s playoff bracket.

Round one kicked off straight into the quarter finals. Ptd made their second appearance but were bested by an Energy ESports mix. Team Bravado, who were also a mix and match, took down season regulars LibertyLan (LiB) with their cocktail of new and old players. Finally, the game of round one had to go to ROCC vs. Team Immersion (Basher) when ROCC answered the call for revenge on last week’s bracket exit at the hands of Basher. The game was tight but ROCC were able to pull it off and avenge themselves to take their first round match.

Last week MfB took down unbeaten Energy ESports in the first round so it was no surprise when they met tonight that Energy were ready for the fast pace early game madness expected from MfB. Energy held out and managed to secure their place in the final. A mixed up Bravado took on current favorites ROCC in their semi-final game which ended in a Bravado victory but a narrow one at most!

The final for a second time this season was Bravado-ish vs. Energy-ish. Everyone was expecting a drawn out farming frenzy between these two titans but the game took a turn for the worse when Bravado’s early dominance saw Energy spiral out of control and eventually lose to a much stronger Bravado team.

With week 4 wrapped up, here is the final tally of points accumulated by victorious teams over the duration of the tournament:

Position Team Name Points
1 Bravado Gaming 22
2 Energy eSports 20
3 Team Immersion 16
4 Matt’s FUN Buddies 14
5 ROCC Dota2 10
6 Veneration Esports 8
7 LibertyLan 4
8 Ptd 3
8 3D(Confirmed pulled out, not eligible for playoffs) 3
10 auRa 2
10 Phat FaRm 2
10 Outlook is Bleak 2
10 StarGate-Dota 2

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MyGaming Dota 2 titans face off

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