God of War: Ascension – brutal enough?

God of War: Ascension is set to take gamers back to the true origins of Kratos, to the beginning of the Ghost of Sparta saga; but is Kratos’ backstory worth slashing through?

The PS3-exclusive is currently holding a Metascore of 79, while over on Gamerankings it has 80.4 percent.

High scores, although the bar for God of War games is always high, so what are critics actually saying?

Gamespot: 8/10

“The multiplayer’s a bust, but God of War: Ascension’s campaign is a gloriously bloody adventure filled with exhilarating combat.”

GamesRadar: 3.5/5

“God of War: Ascension is confident, executing the franchise tropes flawlessly with an amount of self-awareness not often seen in gaming. It knows it’s good – it knows it doesn’t have to try hard to be good- but it struggles to be anything more than that.”

Official PlayStation Magazine UK: 8/10

“Whether multiplayer was a distraction that led to standards ever so slightly slipping in single-player is debatable. With such a strong combat system and beautiful looks, Kratos’ prequel could have eclipsed them all with a handful of key tweaks.”

God of War Ascension screenshot 2

Edge: 7/10

“While this series’ singleplayer template is showing its age, there’s plenty in Ascension’s multiplayer that deserves to survive the transition to PS4.”

Destructoid: 9/10

“God of War has never looked or played better than this. Kratos has never been as deep or interesting as this. They’ve set the bar so high that I have no idea how they’ll be able to follow this one up. Sony Santa Monica should be proud. Series fans should be proud.”

Polygon: 7/10

“God of War: Ascension is a pair of halves that don’t add up to a cohesive whole. The multiplayer succeeds at making God of War work as a cooperative and competitive experience, but doesn’t have the depth to exist on its own. The campaign feels derivative and lacking the forceful confidence that made the series a showpiece for cinematic character-driven action games. When Ascension works, it still does what no other game save God of War manages to achieve. But it lacks the vision and force to stand up to the rest of the series.”

God of War Ascension

Videogamer: 7/10

“The campaign is simultaneously more of the same and less of the same, being marginally shorter than God of War III’s story, yet lacking that game’s ferocity and pacing. It arguably has the lowest ‘wow’ factor of the four mainline games to date, and in a series that trades on spectacle, that’s not the best sign. Yet the multiplayer component is as fresh as the single-player is familiar.”

TheSixAxis: 8/10

“It’s a fun ride – there are some lovely set pieces – but it’s largely a ride to a conclusion we already know and without enough focus to make it an unforgettable experience. Kratos’ backstory is fleshed out, his motivations explained and the rest of the series built on solid foundations, but is this really an essential slice of the story?”

PlayStation LifeStyle: 8.5/10

“In the end, single-player is still very much worth the price of admission even without multiplayer, if only for the combat and puzzles.”

So, are you interested in God of War: Ascension? Does Kratos still have enough brutality left in the tank?

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God of War: Ascension – brutal enough?

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