SimCity: 5 facts you should know

With SimCity being the game on everyone’s lips since its release (whether it be for bad or good reasons), we decided to look at some of the lesser known facts about Maxis’ iconic SimCity franchise.

It’s a-meee, Mario!

If you reach 500,000 residents in the SNES version of SimCity or the Japanese-exclusive edition of SimCity 64, you’ll unlock the ability to build a giant Super Mario statue in the city.

The statue resembles the 3D model in Super Mario 64, and once the statue is built, there is even a disaster where Bowser rips through the city looking for the moustachioed hero.

SimCity (NES) Mario statue

SimCity (NES) Mario statue

Conquer them all

The SimCity devs love giving little nods to other great game franchises (as you can see with the Mario statue).

Another good example is in SimCity 4. One of the first High Tech zones you need to develop in the game features Kane Tiberium.

The name is a reference to the Command & Conquer franchise, particularly that of the Brotherhood of Nod’s leader, Kane. Tiberium is obviously the primary resource in the series.

Kane Tiberium

Kane Tiberium


In SimCity, there is a scenario in 1961, Tokyo, in which the city is attacked by a giant monster from the ocean.

The monster is obviously inspired by Godzilla, a Japanese dakaiju (giant monster) series created by Ishiro Honda in 1954.

SimCity Godzilla attack

SimCity Godzilla attack

That looks sketchy…

SimCity 2000 allows users to purchase and build a Microwave Power Plant, although, they are extremely expensive.

The plant offers amazing efficiency, however, there is a small chance that things could go wrong.

It’s extremely rare, but if you buy one it could misfire and destroy most of your city.

One of the big risk/rewards that SimCity hides.

simcity 2000 fire

Oh no…

Conservative extra-terrestrials

In SimCity 2000, you may get a visit from some alien monsters who come to destroy your city, but that’s not all they do.

The beams they shoot usually destroy your buildings, but on some occasions they plant trees, create water and build wind turbines.

Could they be extra terrestrial hippies!? Who knows, but we’ll take some additional resources (and some social commentary) for our SimCity if their willing to offer.

SimCity 2000

Bring more water, less destruction! (SimCity 2000)

Source: SimCity wikiFuntrivia

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SimCity: 5 facts you should know

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