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Humble Bundle with Android 5

The Humble Bundle with Android 5 is still going and they’ve increased the appeal by offering three more games to those who pay more than the average price (currently $6.87). This is on top of the original four games plus two for paying over the average. If you’ve been keeping up with my convoluted explanation, that’s nine great games for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux at one low price. You really can’t argue with this bundle.

The base set includes Beat Hazard Ultra, Solar 2, Dynamite Jack, and Nightsky HD, and if you pay a little more than the average, you’ll get Dungeon Defenders, Super Hexagon, Splice, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and Sword & Sworcery EP.

Steam Specials

Seemingly riding a wave of resurgent interest in city buildings sims sparked by SimCity, Steam is taxing your savings this weekend with specials in the genre.

The Tropico 4 complete pack for US$9.99 is very enticing. Check out MyGaming’s review of Tropico 4

Anno 2070 is on special in various forms. 66% off the base Anno 2070 or the deluxe edition variant, between 60% to 66% off it’s various expansions, or 36% off the complete pack (excluding the Depp Ocean expansion).

Those interested in the Age of Empires 2 HD remake can pre-order the game with the Age of Empires 3 Complete Collection to play now, for US$27,99.

And for something completely different, you can pick up physics puzzler Little Inferno for 60% off (US$3.99). – 80% off 5 games you pick has an interesting approach this weekend, offering 80% off any 5 games that you pick from a list. Stand out titles include The Witcher Enhanced Edition 2, Legend of Grimrock, Chronicles of Riddick, Alan Wake, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, to name but a few.

Legend of Grimrock

Greenman Gaming specials

Greenman Gaming has a number of specials on some big name titles including Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon, City, and Dishonored. Using their 20% discount coupon knocks the prices down further for one title of your choice.

PlayStation Network

Over on PlayStation Plus there’salso something for the Resident Evil fans, with a sale running on Resident Evil 6 (R249), Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection, (R140), Raccoon City (R95), and Resident Evil 5 (R95).

Xbox LIVE ZA – Deal of the Week

Xbox LIVE South Africa surprises this week with a deal on a mammoth classic – GTA 4 is going for R169 or R129 for Gold members.

Other specials

For something off the beaten path,’s specials could tickle your interest along with some new indie games over on Indie Royale.

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Gaming specials this weekend

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Download game specials this weekend

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