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As April hits the mid-point, we get a super-powered dose of brawling action from the team who brought us the impressive Mortal Kombat reboot, while a lesser-known title takes us to a horror-infested Mars setting where player’s survival skills will be tested.

Injustice: God’s Among Us (19 April 2013)

If you’ve ever wondered who would win between Batman and Superman, Injustice should answer that question.

Developed by Netherealm Studios, the game features many of DC Comics’ greatest heroes in a no-holds barred fighting experience. Think Mortal Kombat meets DC, except, not that one.

Injustice: Gods Among Us will boast a strong character roster, with familiar faces such as Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy to name a few.

The game will integrate the environment into the fights, allowing players to smash one another through walls and objects, while also using each character’s unique abilities.

Mars: War Logs

Spiders Studios, known for the Testament of Sherlock Holmes and Of Orcs and Men, is releasing its its sci-fi horror Mars: War Logs this week, which delivers players to a war-ravaged Mars setting, that’s full of some unpleasant surprises.

Players will take control of Roy Temperance, a renegade who is thrown into the civil war taking place on the Red Planet, where water has become the most precious resource. Roy, along with his comrades, will have to use their skills and powers to survive the harsh conditions, and harsher enemies, that Mars has to offer.

The game itself plays out as an action RPG, where you’ll have the option to select a number of skills and perks to help grow your character’s abilities.

You can craft Roy to be more focused on pure combat, stealth and trickery, or powerful Technomancer powers.

There is also a crafting system that allows you to create and modify equipment and items found in the game world.

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