MyGaming Dota 2 SECS: week 2 results

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The MyGaming DOTA 2 Sunday Evening Cup Series sponsored by SteelSeries Season 2 is heating up, with some epic battles taking place in week 2 heats this weekend.

There is still time to register for week 3. Due to the structure of the tournament, even teams that join in the later weeks have a chance to climbs the ranks and battle it out for the prize pool.

We are also proud to have SteelSeries (through Megarom) as a prize sponsor for Season 2, on top of R2,000 prize money sponsored by MyGaming.

PolarfluKe is running the tournament, and with years of experience hosting similar events in the SA competitive gaming scene, things are going to run smoothly.

Week 2 battles took place an Sunday 14 April – this post-event report is provided by resident PolarfluKe shoutcaster Kyle Wolmarans (aka Congo):

Week 2 was met with great response! A total of 14 teams signed up with Matt’s FUN Buddies unfortunately having to withdraw from this week’s bracket. This week saw some new faces taking part in the Sunday Evening Cup Series.

Rain Gaming (the Gauteng provincial champions), Premier League veterans DUCoRe, LibertyLan (LiB) joined us once again, and finally we welcomed Degrees of Cruelty (DoC).

Some teams received a bye in round one so were able to scope out the competition beforehand. Our round one featured match was between Energy eSports and DUCoRe. It was a rather one-sided affair with a total of three divine rapiers on the side of Energy as the throne came down. Energy took the game quite convincingly to advance to round two. DoC fell victim to the South African Ninjas (SAN) while kknP found their feet and took down Hammer Team. Bravado Gaming secured an easy win over No Plan B and SECS regulars LiB fed off the Twilight Feeders. Round one was over and those who received a bye were ready for the action!

Round two’s featured match was a time old classic. Bravado Gaming vs. the new ROCCAT.ELITE.VERVE (ROCC). What we all hoped would be a tight match between the premier league titans turned out to be a Bravado bashing on the still unstable ROCC roster. Bravado procured an easy win to secure their place in the finals. Newcomers Rain Gaming showed SAN that stealth alone cannot win you battles and they advanced to their first SECS semi-final. While kknP fell to Energy in their round two matchup. Team Immersion’s Basher took down scrim partners LiB to secure their place in the semi-final as well.

The semi-final bracket featured match which was a favourite for us. Bravado vs. Basher. The game started off really slow, I mean no first blood for 10 minutes kind of slow. Once the ball started rolling Bravado jumped into an early lead and secured the win promptly to secure their place in the final. Meanwhile in a parallel bracket Rain Gaming met titans Energy ESports and although this is the game Rain had been waiting for it ended quite favourably for Energy.

The final for week 2 was set out to be a great game! Bravado vs. Energy ESports. Bravado went in as the better team on paper. The game was exciting from get go! Outstanding play by the supports on Energy ESports saw a super exciting early and mid game. The game slowed down a bit as we went through three Roshan cycles but after 66 minutes of play and outstanding teamwork from Energy ESports they were able to take the win with a hard push up the middle lane.

Congratulations to all the teams who took part! The turnout was amazing!

MyGaming DOTA 2 SECS Season 2 week 2 results

MyGaming DOTA 2 SECS Season 2 week 2 results

Whether you are a team of professional Dota 2 players looking for a competitive structure in which to hone your skills, or a group of casual friends who reckon you have what it takes to put the so-called “pros” to shame, all are welcome to participate.

All registered MyGaming forum members are welcome to enter the tournament, or observe the proceedings over the coming weeks. The matches will be live-streamed with commentary.

We would appreciate as much feedback as possible from both participants and observers of the tournament. Please post comments, suggestions, observations, criticism, discussions and any other thoughts you have in the MyGaming Dota 2 SECS forum.

View all the matches on the PolarfluKe channel.

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MyGaming Dota 2 SECS: week 2 results

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